Sunday, May 17, 2015

“The Sea of ​​Trees,” a sea of ​​boredom – Liberation

Except improbable moment of madness of the jury, there is concern that we do retain the fourth pass by Gus Van Sant in competition (the first, in 2003, had won the Palme d Gold Elephant ) that the cloud whistles clorent outraged that the two press screenings, launched by the onset of generic room that clearly express his seething voice, like a poodle Cannes mark its territory within a Vuitton showroom in there putting his shit. Admittedly, The Sea of ​​Trees ends a half hour thankless and that all do not look between his motion and scenario dripping everywhere, stupid Orientalism the Japanese equipped therein plays its stars coasting (Matthew McConaughey in the lead), the detuned camera and a soundtrack beyond ladle soup too.

Mysticism dork

There was however a time, there was almost two decades ago, when the art of Gus Van Sant adapted himself without difficulty from the control book and the warmth of the scripts that he were entrusted – in Will Hunting , for example, two films were living together harmoniously in one, on the one hand that of a tasteless scenario, and the other that, masterful, the staging. It’s always a little truth in this sixteenth feature of the master of Portland, but this time the most secret film that has it nestles sick figure and almost never manages to transform the challenges of a story to the taste of barbiturates: wandering a US maths in a Japanese forest where locals and tourists come to lose to end their days between corny adventures, scansion flashback or facts or to mysticism and dork.

Canada Dry version of Gerry

painfully behind his side looking like a lost soul in flushing where the genius and the desire of the filmmaker may well still come to nest here. Especially we detected traces of the Impressionists in inserts, extreme close-ups that make throb material at the edge of visual abstraction, rather than the self-quotations here and there come affix the signature of the master and we bite eyes. Yet through all the trouble that has distilled all the characteristics of a version of Canada Dry Gerry , thus perceives places the echo of the beautiful strange film that could have happened of this accident.

The Shadow Forest , Gus van Sant. With Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts … 1:50. Released on September 9.


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