Maïwen in Cannes on May 17 – NIVIERE / VILLARD / SIPA
* Stéphane Leblanc

My King, in competition at Cannes this Sunday, about a passionate and destructive love that lasts ten years. Chronic distanced the couple that the actress and director Maïwenn rewrote for ten years before they can make a movie …

What you should know of “My King”

Why wait so long to bring to the screen the project that was visible to you heart?

I will realize a war movie one day when I have more maturity and experience for that. Similarly, I felt compelled to write a budding romance. But I did not feel sure of myself enough to take the step. It’s easier to tell youth neuroses ( Pardon me ), stories of children (Poliss) or actors ( Actresses ) than just talk about love.

One wonders necessarily what proportion of fiction and reality in these stories …

I was given this label of the director that rotates autobiographical film from my first film and I do not date me. This is a misunderstanding that comes without doubt that I played in my films and I put once images of me child. There at least I do not play … But I want to be clear: I am not a filmmaker who mixes his work and his life! It is simplistic and annoying. I feel that denies my work and my ability to invent stories.

Did you intuition from the start that it would work well on screen between Cassel and Emmanuelle Bercot

No, I was not sure at all … But that’s what I say: there is much work to be successful in channeling the energy and reach that complicity that. This manufactures, alchemy …

Exactly, what your job is?

The starting situations and dialogues are written. And I constantly rotates with two very mobile cameras around actors. I do not want that text appears plated, otherwise it sounds wrong. I leave a lot of freedom to the actors, even when they improvise scenes are long.

Take the scene pharmacy designed as a shopping scene in a luxury store … She was scheduled like that from the start?

Everything was written, even the fact that Vincent Cassel wants to buy viagra. He just had the opportunity to say his lines as he wanted, without any marks. The end result does not always like what we had imagined, because an actor like Vincent Cassel can bring a lot of humor to a scene like this …

The first time you were competing for “Poliss” you received a price. You think about when you come back the second time in Cannes

In Cannes, especially we think the moment: the film, up and down the stairs … It’s nice. I’m lucky. I do not peuxc tell you better.