Friday, May 22, 2015

Cannes: the day Friday in pictures … 22 – France Soir

Little Prince has overshadowed the big Gege, King Depardieu, Friday 22 at Cannes. The cartoon American Mark Osborne, out of competition, had the honors of the main red carpet in the evening. Suddenly, the French film Valley of Love William Nicloux, with Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert, is almost gone unnoticed.

Cook’s work Taken from Saint-Exupéry , The Little Prince has been adapted for the screen by Mark Osborne, director of SpongeBob and Kung Fu Panda , but the project was completed for eight years by three French producers Aton Soumache, Dimitri Rassam Vonarb and Alexis, who obtained the agreement of Olivier d’Agay, President of the Saint-Exupéry Foundation.

The story of the book is adapted and transposed to contemporary times. It depicts a little girl, her mother (Florence Foresti in the French version) grows to study intensely for a successful professional life but who is going to meet an old aviator (André Dussollier), eccentric and generous neighbor. This one will tell stories and to discover an extraordinary world where everything is possible, where we cross a Fox (Vincent Cassel), a rose (Marion Cotillard), a snake (Guillaume Gallienne), a conceited (Laurent Lafitte), a businessman (Vincent Lindon). Apart from the two Vincent, all these people climbed the steps of the Palais des Festivals, with some Japanese and American actors who provide voices in the other versions.

This cartoon has brought some freshness and lightness alongside the two films of the day in competition, serious and moving subjects. Thirty-five years after Lulu by Maurice Pialat, Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert were reunited in Valley of Love , the last of five French films candidates for the Golden Palm which will be awarded Sunday. They interpret a separated couple who receives a letter from their son, six months after his suicide, asking them to be present at a specific date in the California desert of Death Valley.

The film was greeted coolly by critics and festival-goers, who have also found even more depressing: the other film the day Chronic, by Mexican director Michel Franco, tells the story of a caregiver (Tim Roth) in a California hospital comforting the terminally ill patients and appropriates a part of their story, to feel alive. The director turned real nurses in this film inspired by the life of his late grandmother, when she was terminally ill from the disease.

The Festival, too, comes to an end since the last of 19 films candidates for the Golden Palm will be presented this Saturday 23: Macbeth, the Australian director Justin Kurzel, “visceral reading the most famous and fascinating Shakespearean tragedy “ (this is what the official synopsis), with Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender in the lead roles.

(See below the trailer film The Little Prince ):


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