Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The price of the Polar SNCF assigned to Craig Johnson – BBC

The American novelist was awarded for his novel Dust Children , a survey in the wilds of Wyoming that revives the wounds of the Vietnam War.

More than 30,000 readers have spoken to elect the novel price Polar SNCF 2015. The author Craig Johnson won all the votes with his novel Children dust published by the Gallmeister editor. In all his books, translated impeccably by the American Sophia Aslanides, the writer portrays Walter Sheriff Longmire, unusual and endearing character, which maintain law and order with infinite humanity in the Absaroka County in northern Wyoming, the least populous county in the state with the smallest population of the United States. Allergic to violence and injustice, Longmire is an ex-Marine gone through Vietnam.

His best friend is a Cheyenne Indian, Henry Standing Bear, taciturn giant with a devastating humor and like all the recurring characters from the novels of Craig Johnson (Cady, the daughter of Longmire, his assistant Vic Lucian and his mentor Connaly) plays an essential role in the framing of the story.

Craig Johnson, 54, was a professional fisherman, truck driver, carpenter, champion rodeo, police in New York and teacher at University before devoting himself fully to writing. He lives at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming, on a ranch he built himself. His first novel, Little Bird , was published in 2005 in the USA (in 2009 in France). The book received the black novel of the New Observer . Another of his novels, The Camp of the Dead was awarded the Trophy 813. Since 2012, many of his works have been adapted for television series as the Longmire .

As every year, the SNCF Polar Prize also rewards the authors of comics and filmmakers. In the comic catégoriebande, Red Karma Eddy Simon and Pierre-Henry Gomont was awarded. The book tells the story of Adelaide, young French eight months pregnant, who arrived in Calcutta to find the father of her future child. The latter gives more news for several weeks.

Carjack Jeremiah Jones, meanwhile, received the award for crime fiction in the short film category. 18-minute film portrays Charlie, a man who excels in the carjacking. Then he steals a car, he realizes that a child is terrified inside. And this is only the beginning of surprises. The short film made in 2011 has won numerous awards at festivals.


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