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Cannes 2015: the pseudo sex scandal made pschitt Love – Le Figaro

Announced at Cannes as the film that was to trigger the ire of critics, sour film Gaspar Noé he seems off the enthusiasm of a unanimous critical, ironic and mocking.

Not Lars Von Trier wants. With its raw sex scenes, “Love”, shot in 3D, leaves little to the imagination: ejaculations closeup, orgy in a sex club, transvestite …

A previous film This director, born in Argentina, “Irreversible” was scandalized the Croisette in 2002.

The posters had given it a few weeks ago a taste of the film, one of them with a penis close up.

Gaspar Noé, 51, explained that he wanted to shoot in 3D because this technique gives the viewer “a greater sense of identification with the main character and his melancholy state.” For several years, the classic porn are shot in 3D.

More than 2,000 people formed a queue before the time of the projection, shortly after midnight Thursday but dozens with tickets could not enter the Palais des Festivals and strongly protested.

The film tells the memories Murphy, a director, has kept its biggest story of love, passion, games and excess.

Describing his film “contemporary melodrama,” the filmmaker who lives and works in France, explained that he wanted to “show love state of sexual side” during the conference press that followed the screening.

“Everyone thinks only kiss … Why the most glorious moments in everyone’s life could not be represented? I do not feel there is any transgression in the film. There is nothing that we had not seen elsewhere, nothing shocking! “He began.

” Today, the explicit sex is everywhere. We can not fight against what the world has become, but we can try to clean this sexuality become a schizophrenia of the relationship, “added Gaspar Noé about sex on the internet.

He expressed the hope that his film escapes the prohibition in France under 18 years. Its release is scheduled on July 15

Thierry Frémaux, the coach of the Cannes Festival, defended the filmmaker’s approach. “Gaspar Noe made a film you love it or do not like no. Literature or painting visit the issue of representation of bodies, gender, physical love. Very few filmmakers did in 120 years of film history. Bertolucci, Oshima, Bellocchio, Lars van Trier and Gaspar Noé

The film is produced by Vincent Maraval, also producer of ” Welcome to New York “on the DSK case, only released on VOD.

The filmmaker is not at its first controversy. The projection, in 2002 on the Croisette, the film starring Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, “Irreversible”, which particularly shows a long rape scene, had scandalized the festival.

Twenty people were Victims of fainting or tantrums at the screening and dozens of spectators had preferred to leave the room.

Gaspar Noé was right this time to a long standing ovation after the screening. But the film has also been thrashed on social networks where they spoke of “bad sex that you do not see the end.”

Critics of the press is very negative. “It’s not a porn film – the dialogue can not at this level,” quipped the BBC journalist, Jason Solomons

François Aubel, editor of the Culture Service. Figaro, “Love” is a “movie Saturday night on Canal + in love with a painful argument.” The British Guardian found the film “absurd, played badly and talkative.”

“Noah wants to show the ass, but it’s not exciting. He can not help but disturb the beauty of its staging punctuating + Love + of his narcissism and his desire to disturb the world, “said Clement Ghys Liberation.

” The last thing to do in Cannes, is to read the reviews! “, said for his part Thierry Frémaux.


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