Friday, May 22, 2015

Cannes 2015: Marceau Depardieu, settling in OK … – Le Figaro

For ten days, the two French stars are looking mess through the media, while the unforgettable Cyrano de Bergerac is present in official competition with The Valley of Love .

The bad blood between Sophie Marceau and Gérard Depardieu? The two French stars have in any case made pleasantries assault the last ten days, all focused on high heat at the Cannes Film Festival.

Depardieu arrived in Cannes to defend his film in official competition The Valley of Love William Nicloux signed with Isabelle Huppert.

But it is first Sophie Marceau, a member of the jury for this 68th edition alongside the Coens, who launched the war last week in an interview given to the magazine Society . At the mention of certain memories of his career, including the shooting of the film Police Maurice Pialat in 1985, she found that “Depardieu did not want it goes well between his favorite director and I . He would have lost his authority. So he worked to turn us against each other, Pialat and me. It is a predator Depardieu, he must nosh everything and everyone “

He added as a final banderille about the naturalization of our national Gerard in Russia.” Gerard neither faith nor law. What he defends what is it? ! He and he alone “

The unforgettable Cyrano de Bergerac initially wanted appease the quarrel by responding in the magazine Gala :” Sophie was very young when we shot Film Pialat. It’s true that at the time I was a little predator. And a little con too. So his words does not interfere. That’s what she thinks, so why not. It does not bother me at all. “

But he also could not help but throw a little dig at the site of the lovely Sophie, on the famous red carpet of the last week when it unveiled a brief moment her panties, not to mention the 2005 incident in which she furtively showed a breast. “What sometimes touches me is that I wonder why there are only home we sometimes see a breast, sometimes breeches …”

The two superstars French cinema they will smoke the pipe of peace by the end of the festival? The suspense is unbearable …


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