Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A French: Gross chronicle of a repentant extremist – Le Figaro

WE HAVE SEEN – Diastème film due out June 10, tells the story of a young angry skinhead in the Paris suburbs, will renounce violence. Despite its title stupidly provocative and controversial, it is not without merit.

Diastème film A French, which will be released on June 10 tells about twenty years the path of Marco Lopez (Alban Lenoir), furious young skinhead in the Paris suburbs, which will gradually give up violence and find altruism.

Despite lengths and one side “Screen Folders” an undemonstrative in the social and political painting, the film is not without interest, particularly by its elliptical narrative form, which emerge scenes like pieces of this emerged from a long period underground. But also by his characters, including side, supported by compelling performers. Thus stealth pharmacist camped by the excellent Patrick Pineau plays a key role in the “conversion” of Marco in a more humane life.

In short, there is enough to usefully reflect on the rough and violent extremist attitudes that ignite the suburbs.

But who wants to think? It would be too stupid to deprive of a controversy that knocks, right? One ad “spectacular hate campaign” that ignites social networks and requires deprogram previews. The media make feasted, the film crew tightens on “mood created by malicious people” and “ intimidation” against “a generous film that affirms the possibility of renouncing violence in which some stray” ( dixit distributor Mars Films).

Just a counterpoint: renounce violence, that would leave the primary language of blows and insults which is that skinheads as well as rappers. Deny extremism, it would reject all extremism. With its insidious way, A French , Diastème does not really help to avoid such “amalgams” so discouraged for not “stigmatize a community.” We should first clarify the question: is it to renounce violence or to denounce it when we do not like?


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