Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cinema. In Maggie, Schwarzenegger has heart – Ouest-France

The front government with the most urgent by allowing parents to stay as long as possible with their infected children. But when they turn into zombies, they are quarantined in an area totally cut off. A father ignores the law to find his teenage daughter …

“A new situation”

A zombie movie, one more. And with Arnold Schwarzenegger headlining once again. In browsing the “pitch” of Maggie , we imagine Mr. Muscle engaged in a furious battle for the survival of his family. And the world, for that matter.

But the former governor of California gets older, he must save to complete his mission. This is the originality of this first feature film by Henry Hobson, a British graphic artist who notably worked for the series The Walking Dead and the Oscars!

It shows a new kind of Schwarzenegger, a professional farmer, who hardly ever made use of her strength to contain the zombies. He assumes his age and his emotions. It even surprises to let a tear on his face:

“This is a new situation for me, confesses the actor. We used to see me play invulnerable action movie hero. There I camped a gentleman all-the-world facing the most fundamental problems are. “

It was so new for him, not content to be the player in Maggie , Schwarzenegger was also given the role of producer. There are certainly a lot of fun, amid chills. Without energize the interest of this umpteenth post-apocalyptic adventure.


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