Max Gallo , historian, academician in 2014. – IBO / SIPA

20 Minutes with AFP

The writer and academician Max Gallo, 83, said Thursday that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, saying at that time that “always we have the freedom to do away with ourselves.” “I am indeed sick, it is difficult,” said the writer, interviewed on RTL to mark the release of his next novel, God willing .

“The disease totally changes the writer’s relationship with himself, with other writers and with the world as it is,” said Max Gallo, who will not attend Thursday afternoon at the enthronement the writer Dany Laferrière at the French Academy.

“We believe immortal and is not”

He spoke of “the feeling of freedom that s’ erase “before the disease. “We are forced to sit in a certain way, you get up, being careful not to get it on in a rug … little discomfort,” he has said. The main fear is to have to “withdraw completely in every sense of the word,” said the biographer of Charles de Gaulle and Napoleon.

“We believe immortal and is not” has he said with a hint of bitterness. “The non-immortality is a difficult surprise to reject,” he added. In this “difficult period” faith is “a help”, he said while expressing his “doubts”.

A new book project

” We always have the freedom to do away with ourselves, “he has said recognizing that this view was” contested and questionable questionable “. “Nevertheless, it is a freedom given to us even if it is difficult to conquer and debatable,” he insisted. “This is a manifestation of God’s care and giving this freedom also said that one can renounce it.”

About his work, Max Gallo recalled that he had just released two books and hoped to release a new by the end of the year.