Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marguerite and Julien: the missing link between punk Truffaut and … – Premiere.fr Cinema

The story (true), it is known: a sister and a brother, Marguerite and Julien of Raval, beheaded in 1603 for committing incest. Anecdotally, it is known as: Gruault writer Jules and Jim, was working on it to Truffaut . In the end, it’s only a film Donzelli , not reverential, as a missing link between Truffaut and totally punk Demy who sold the skin of ass before killing him. Less than taboo and issues of (a) morality which she cares, Donzelli is especially interested in a crazy love story between two children of the same blood that will eventually swim in the same. The view is important: this legendary Marguerite and Julien will be told as a story to scare in a girls’ boarding school full of little cries and whispers. We must love fairy tales with princesses to go and deliver in dungeons, charming princes pale arising from windows, potbellied ogres lurking, the stepmothers who ensure the fire etc. With that, Donzelli will allow all: we are in the seventeenth century, and there are helicopters, they are children but Jeremiah Elkaïm 36 years old, we hear only the first names pronounced in Blondie sighs but spits thereof, Donzelli do films that elk but she likes to freeze all the time etc … It’s romantic and romance hard core, sublimely beautiful, sometimes grotesque, lyrical and very pop that time. After The queen of apples , Declaration of War and Hand in hand , Donzelli continues to write his story with Jeremiah and it also Elkaïm is upsetting. His way of filming it, candlelit, as the ultimate figure of the tragic hero cut with a knife, in every sense, transcends definitely, so much as the fact of whether it is good actor n ‘ between even more into play. Marguerite and Julien . Valerie and Jérémie forever. Working girls, do not refrain.

Stephanie Lamome


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