Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cannes 2015: Nanni Moretti told me that was his mother – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – The Italian director was highly anticipated at the Cannes Festival with his film “Madre Mia” in competition. Its performers John Turturro, Giulia Lazzarini and Margherita Buy for the press commented his directorial talent.

“Madre Mia” is set abyss. From the life of Nanni Moretti, as he likes to do it regularly since the beginning of his filmography, appearing himself on screen. But also cinema. In his latest film, which contributes to the Palme d’Or at Cannes and presented this morning to the press, Italian director stages a director, in the middle of a shoot where she loses foot. Also beset by doubts in his personal life, it faces the hospitalization of his mother, end of life.

Margherita Buy (already seen at the filmmaker in “We Have a Pope” and “The Caiman “) then interprets the female counterpart of Nanni Moretti, who said he thought from the beginning to a woman to hold this role in” Madre Mia “. At his side also changing Giulia Lazzarini, great Italian theater actress who takes on the role of the mother of the title, and the American actor John Turturro. The latter plays a bad American comedian who nevertheless breathes incredible energy to the film and a comic respiration necessary. Present at the press conference at the end of the film, the three players have commented their work alongside Nanni Moretti.

LE FIGARO. – John Turturro, what kind of director Nanni Moretti is

John Turturro?. – I know Nanni long time. We met in Cannes some years ago, while I was presenting “Illuminata” and her “Aprile”. I do not judge a movie by the role that I play, but what is being done more broadly. When I read the script, I thought it was beautifully written well. There are lots of comments on people today. His reading even referred me to my personal life elements and I found it very hard. I enjoyed working with Nanni and Margherita. This was a great experience in human terms. It was a very exciting challenge. This pushed me up, I felt completely free.

LE FIGARO. – What directing actors Nanni Moretti she differs from that of Margherita in the film

Margherita Buy?. – Maybe Nanni would have liked to have the same behavior as me on the set and he let me wear the wrong role? But no, it was very nice on set.

Giulia Lazzarini. – The way to turn is less aggressive. While Margherita, in the film, is still under pressure. I have been very lucky because I had my placeholder. A very intimate and delicate space with Nanni and Margerita. I do not know at all what was happening outside, I knew seeing the film. I had not really realized what it was going to be after reading the script. Margherita was a wonderful comrade and Nanni … I want to say that I was very lucky to be part of this project. This allowed us to network.

Thanks to him, I understood what I had to do. He told me that was his mother. I tried to be as much as attentive and sensitive as possible. I was fine with him, he never tried to force anything on me. He sometimes wanted to make corrections from a few outlets, but not always explain what he expected. As in, I could change my interpretation and achieve what he wanted. Coming from the theater, I had to give me, let me go to the director. I clung much to what he wanted. If I managed to do what he wanted from me, so I’m happy.


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