Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road reviewed and corrected so Mario Kart – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Kris Sundberg, an American specialist in special effects had fun parodying the new film by George Miller. Critically acclaimed, the film is transformed here into life-size video game

Seeing these images, used video games will say.: but of course! Why did not I think of that before “The new Mad Max: Fury Road could ultimately be a Mario Karta human scale. The video game George Miller hit movie is scheduled for 4 September. Meanwhile, Kris Sundberg mixing the two works.

In a clever way, the filmmaker who worked on Divergent and Jurassic World transforms the band Final -Private Mad Max Fury Road . He sprinkles the video references the famous chase game Mario Kart. To torpedo shells of enemies by it, a rainbow sky road and there (a mythical game levels): the whole gives a subtle result where special effects and trailer images blend wonderfully.

All Karty Mario universe. From the beginning of the video, part parody landed: the famous Mario music ringing in our ears. The explosions quickly turn into shots of the start of the race. Throughout the extract, the viewer will catch all the clever winks slipped. No big change from the original trailer but clever special effects, just right.

Tom Hardy aka Mad Max becomes Mario (without brown mustache), Charlize Theron aka the Empress Furiosa can claim the pink dress Princess Peach and Nicholas Hoult alias Nux is reduced to the small enemy turtle Koopa Troopa. Needless to say that embodies the villain Bowser. This new parody should perhaps give ideas to Nintendo: yet another aspect of Mario Kart inspired by a cardboard box office could find its audience



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