Saturday, May 30, 2015

Renaud Mistral winner is the favorite song of the French – Le Figaro

The famous ballad Renaud was voted “French song of all time” before Do not leave me by Jacques Brel and The Black Eagle Barbara.

Renaud could not dream of a better gift for the thirty years of his famous Mistral Winner . This title published in 1985 has been named “French favorite song of all time,” according to a BVA-Doméo regional newspaper poll published on Saturday *.

This famous nostalgic ballad, written by Renaud for her daughter Lolita, ahead in the hearts of the equally famous French Do not leave me by Jacques Brel and The Black Eagle Barbara. The result of this survey shows that even if the singer walked away from 63 studios and stages for several years, the French have not forgotten.

Éponyme Renaud seventh album released in 1985, Mistral winner was repeated by many artists over the past three decades, Yves Duteil Lara Fabian not passing Jean-Louis Aubert and Coeur de Pirate. The title of this song comes from an old candy that had gone before Renaud does not record this song. Hesitant to be included on his album because the ruling “too personal” and “shameless”, the French singer had been convinced at the time by his wife. After the Renaud has sung her on the phone from his recording studio, the latter had replied: “If you do not put this song on the next album, I’m leaving you.”

Individuals Respondents in this survey by BVA-Doméo-regional press had to choose three titles in a list of thirty songs drawn from a previous survey. Mistral winner , with 25.7% of the votes, ahead of a very short head Do not leave me Brel (25.2%) and The Black Eagle Barbara (22.5%). After The lakes of Connemara Michel Sardou, There by Jean-Jacques Goldman and The mountain Jean Ferrat.

If Renaud won the title of “favorite French songs of all time” with Mistral winner is however Jean-Jacques Goldman, which is assigned to one “favorite singer of French” to Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens. Renaud ranks fifth. On the women’s side, Edit Piaf which has been designated “favorite singer” to Barbara and Celine Dion.

* The survey was conducted by telephone from April 29 and 30 d a sample of 1,028 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and over (quota method).


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