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Cannes: behind the crowing, beware of misunderstandings – The World

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Vincent Lindon in Cannes on 24 May 2015.

After the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday night, French officials were chirping in unison, a deafening crowing contest. “Jacques Audiard, Emmanuelle Bercot, Vincent Lindon and Agnès Varda: French cinema radiates tonight in Cannes and in the world “, tweeted the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls

” Congratulations to E.. Bercot, V. Lindon and Jacques Audiard! “, insisted on the same method and the same network, Fleur Pellerin, his culture minister, before the Elysee his address” sincere congratulations “ the French winners.

Beware of misunderstandings, however. If they had looked more carefully, our rulers would have realized that the Cannes rooster did not look so good: there’s tar on his feathers, and funeral inflections in his song; in terms of its peak, it takes more punk than gallinacean docile political animal

The Golden Palm, Dheepan , paints a very bleak picture. – some would say simplistic – the French suburbs. Jacques Audiard shows ravaged by drugs, violence, suspicion. – So the hero of his movie, three Tamil immigrants end up leaving the Hexagon for England, which reserves them a much less chaotic home

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The Interpretation award to Vincent Lindon in The Market Act Stéphane Brizé, just remember how much unemployment up so many of our fellow citizens in deadlock; deal with their distress, the public structures there, at best, poor. As for the Palme d’honneur awarded to Agnès Varda, it rewards a great director who, in Vagabond (1985) to Gleaners and I (2000) has always been concerned the plight qu’infligeait our country the excluded, the marginalized, the little people.

Two years after the release of Glaneurs , the director was party in search of the protagonists of his documentary, to know how they were going. In two years, the Cannes Film Festival will be held simultaneously with the presidential and parliamentary elections. It is not certain that we should wish the government as a price that abundant harvest this year if the diagnosis that our filmmakers focus on the state of the company remains the same, the Cannes crowing great risk, then, to coincide with an electoral fiasco.


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