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Cannes 2015: Hard or soft the midnight screening of Love? – Cinema

Since the early 10, the session of midnight, traditionally reserved for genre films, had lost some of its luster. Who, for example, remembers Wu Xia in 2011? Maniac in 2012 The Rover last year had not attracted the crowds, but in reasonable proportions. With Love , hardcore ass promise by sulfur Gaspar Noé , the Festival had therefore made every effort to raise the sauce.

& gt; & gt; & gt; Love: Gaspar Noé tent great sentimental porn movie

From 11:00 p.m. (for projection under 0:15), the area around the palace teeming with people and rustle of a palpable fever. The opening of the gates, three quarters of an hour later, causes a rush worthy of opening a store on the first day of the sales. People jostle, which suits which in long robes, who jean-sneakers (wisest). Entering the Palace is just as chaotic: the orchestra is quickly filled, rejoin the balcony by narrow spiral staircases where continuous race for most viewers, happy to have taken the first step but now willing to find suitable places. The queue to the toilet is staggering. It’s a mess.

Benicio del Toro in fanboy
Here we installed. At 0:30, the projection has not started-contrary to other projections, always right on time. The screen shows images of the steps where the film crew appeared on the music of Assault Carpenter. This triggers a small row hysteria waiting and the desire to share, together, a single moment that hope. Thierry Frémaux takes the stage to present the film. He looks happy. It heats the room. We wait all Gaspar Noé, the evening rockstar, welcomed as it should by a delirious crowd. Frémaux reports that Benicio del Toro is in the room. The actor got up and shook his fist. It is warmly acclaimed.

The film begins with an awesome handjob. Clap fed. This will be the last. More intimate than spectacular, more sensual and plastic than hardcore and filthy, Love is maybe not the expected controversial film. Noah makes Noah (a kind of Irreversible in light mode), not at Lars Von Trier . A lot of spectators leave. Some sleep, a roof.

Closing credits. The room applauded softly. It is learned that Benicio del Toro took his foot and has indicated loudly. Eyes swollen by fatigue, everyone goes home to sleep. Lovers holding hands tenderly. We suddenly understand why Noah called his movie Love , not Sex .

Christophe Narbonne (chris_narbonne )

& gt; & gt; & gt; Love, Gaspar Noé: Terrence Malick X version of “clumsy”, “touching” and “primitive”

Trailer of Love, in theaters July 15:


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