Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Five reasons to cry in front of the trailer of the remake of … – Liberation

Hollywood dared: the remake Point Break , classic action movie with Keanu Reeves signed Kathryn Bigelow ( The Hurt Locker, the borders of Dawn ) in 1991, will be released at Christmas in the US and 6 January in France.

The trailer has recently shown, and even if there is little point in judging a film in terms of its promo, before we cried for five reasons.

1) Why so serious , looks like another ? The original was fun, this new project is like a pane of Fast & amp; Furious directed by Christopher Nolan. Note in passing that its director Ericson Score, which has a film to his credit (in the unpublished French theaters Invincible , 2006) was also director of photography the first part of franchise with Vin Diesel.

2) “Some are not afraid of death because they fear more will not live fully.” Frankly, who still dares to start a trailer with an anonymous quote ( “old saying” ) less serious than a replica of The Brice

3) The script of the thing is signed Kurt Wimmer. His latest feat of arms out to the movies? The scenario of another property crappy remake of a video club madeleine, that of Total Recall in 2012. Promising committed.

4) Unlike the original, the remake will play the James Bond – assumed reference réalisateur- and was shot on various continents. It’s nice in the image and it boosts the potential for the international market well formatted – bingo, the film had been bought worldwide even before being turned. So much for the Southern California relaxed atmosphere of the original.

5) Hobbies though Patrick Swayze was replaced by the Venezuelan Édgar Ramírez due to death, but Why the devil offered the role of Johnny Utah virtually unknown Australian Luke Bracey while Keanu Reeves, who is clearly suffering from a vampire Benjamin Button syndrome (see the site), looks much younger in 2015 that ‘in 1991?

Let us stop whining anyway and rather see again the trailer of the original, produced by James Cameron and directed by Kathryn Bigelow whose eagerly awaited news from the exit his Zero Dark Thirty in 2012.


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