Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vice Versa: guess what emotion came first in the … – Cinema

Met today as part of the Cannes promo, Pete Docter told us some anecdotes about the gestation of his Pixar gem. You know as you have it read everywhere (BY ALL), Vice Versa is a masterpiece that finally revives the great tradition of the studio of John Lasseter. High Concept, mix of emotion and brainy brio, of infinitely large and small microscopically, Inside Out is a marvel of inventiveness and melancholy. Pop a movie, cartoon, psy, panting, adventurous, funny and moving

& gt;. & Gt; & gt; Why we wept before Vice Versa

At the end of the interview we asked the engineering giant to tell us what his favorite emotion. “Joy” has he responded tit for tat. When we told him we found it somewhat agreed, he gave us one of his trade secrets: “OK. Too easy? I can tell you what emotion appeared the first and easier on paper. That’s Wrath. I drew a square character, small, red and very funny and he almost immediately had his final look. I’m not angry, but when I found it, I wanted to write for him. I wanted to see change and I knew he would be funny “

Interview by Gaël Golhen

& gt. & gt; & gt; The most moving sequences Pixar

Vice Versa comes out June 17 in theaters


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