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“Mountains Depart May” large Chinese Film Festival in this little … – The Obs

We suspected before, we now know, whatever it may be days to come, this edition 2015 will not be a memorable vintage. Some great filmmakers held their rank and Nanni Moretti, but not in great numbers this year to erase the impression produced by a feeble selection. Beyond some questionable choices, including French side, the Festival has nothing to do, when movies are not the best coach can not invent them.

Meanwhile Jacques Audiard Thursday more expected than ever, the name of Jia Zhang-ke should be added to the short list of those who did not disappoint. We may say that his film is not to those who might electrify the public and, as such, awarded him the Palme would not necessarily be a good idea. But the only truth that matters is that his absence would be the winners something indecent.

The time, raw material of the film

What is this new movie this filmmaker which has long been known that it is one of the four or five largest in the world? Well for starters, the title is problematic: it is called (for now) “Depart May Mountains” (or something like “Mountains can be separated,” good luck to the French distributor), but we are told that the Chinese title expresses precisely the opposite … which in a way, is the same. You feel the headache coming? Forget the title, come on, this is what there is better to do

In the film, means that replica (quoted from memory). “The weather changes almost everything, but not all. ” The time, precisely, is the raw material of the film. Which began in 1999 in Fenyang, far from any Chinese city which is where Jia was born and where he grew up: Tao, pretty young singer must choose between his two childhood friends and admirers, one miner bottom and the other owner of a service station and already filthy rich. She married the second, which it gives a son, his name is Dollar father, what a good idea.

The years pass, we are left in 2014, the couple separated, the miner is dying, Tao returns to live in Fenyang, her son, who is seven, joins her for the funeral of his grandfather, for him it is a foreign; the last part of the film is located in 20025, in Melbourne, where the father and son now live and where the boy enters into a romantic relationship with a professor of Chinese origin who could be his mother and in the company of which he is considering making Tao visit.

We hope it will be the winners

Well, that’s a quarter century of life of these people that the film shows, a quarter century of world history that embraces a quarter century in which the images are transformed, what the filmmaker realized with astounding mastery, a quarter century, which for the Chinese, scored huge upheavals. For Chinese only? Of course not, and put into perspective that offers the film is one of its most exciting aspects: that today he is the notion of freedom

The father drops that ‘Australia can buy all the weapons he wishes (he did not deny), but he has no enemies, a kind of reductio ad absurdum of the use that can be done of the most precious values. What remains valuable, then? But money, of course! It is in his name that this man gave up being Chinese, he calls himself Peter, but when her son wrote him, who speaks only English, the father needs a translation into Chinese, that technology offers him instantly.

Yes, the film Jia Zhang-ke is beautiful work of a great director, he is one of what to Cannes this year we could see better. Will there the charts? We hope, but we do know absolutely nothing. What is known, however, is that it opens in theaters in December and that, inevitably, there will be question again.

“Mountains Depart May “Jia Zhang-ke (2:11), in competition at Cannes, in theaters on December 9th.



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