Friday, May 29, 2015

Cannes 2015: Pierre Lescure critical … critics – BBC

Asked by the daily Cross , former journalist shared his impressions rather mixed, on his first experience as a new president of the festival.

Pierre Lescure was his first this year as president of the Cannes Film Festival. He delivered daily Cross his first impressions. As qu’habitué festival (there just since 1977), he enjoyed being able to attend the deliberations of the jury – a “phenomenal gift” in his words.

He was full of praise not about organizing the festival: “It is extraordinary, exceptionally effective. Thank you to Gilles Jacob and Thierry Frémaux for having brought the festival to this level of service quality for movie lovers. “

However, he said he was” struck by several things. ” And more generally by journalists covering the festival and some attacks have “stunned”. He said that “too many critics write that for them and some buddies. You can not display such contempt, never use words harsh enough to disqualify some and totally excessive praise to others, live in this closed circuit and ignore the dynamic reality of the 7th art. “

On the question of media coverage of the Festival, he returned again to the charge: “Everything is accelerating. The immediacy leads to hasty judgments, Excessive, permanent. Critics tweet during the screenings. What worries me in this media Barnum is the disjunction between what it shows and real to those who love the cinema waiting. It does not give them what interests them. “In the wise …


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