Tuesday, May 19, 2015

“The Market Act”: Vincent Lindon the winners of Cannes 2015? – The Obs

Halfway Festival, one point is clear: the economic crisis, major concern for many years, is almost absent from screens. Some exceptions, however, including that of size, brought by Miguel Gomes: the author of “Taboo” has designed three films more than two hours each a table of Portugal summer 2013 to summer 2014, to From the events that shook the company in a country where most people during this period have considerably poorer. “The Arabian Nights” is presented by the Director’s Fortnight and will be released on French screens in July. Another example is the film by Stéphane Brizé “The Market Act” presented Monday, May 18 in competition, in theaters tomorrow.

In profile on the screen, left primer, Vincent Lindon speak with someone we can not see yet, a movement of the camera will reveal soon as an advisor Pole Emploi: the hard stage almost 7 minutes and immediately she sellotape the viewer. The actor embodies Thierry, 51, unemployed for almost two years, facing him, a stranger. In “The Market Act”, is the only professional actor Vincent Lindon, others were not actors before, but all interpret a role, which sometimes is, or was theirs. At no time difference between him and the other appears. It’s like Lindon played in a documentary … which each scene have been decided and designed in advance, where everyone yet be expressed at will.

The acting awards for Lindon?

Which actor or another is the most astonishing? Impossible to say. What is known, however, because it shows, because that means is that Stéphane Brizé made a film like no other, modern, powerful, committed. A movie where the world of today is revealed in its nakedness, obscene. In this world, there is a side Thierry, his wife and his son, handicapped lively and funny mind, good student who knows what he wants to do with his life, on the other side there and Thierry job searches, in front of his computer, interview or meeting and Thierry at work: the film lasts for 40 minutes when it became supervisor in a mall. And this is where the law of the market is trying to impose on him, when he should challenge those surveillance cameras were located, customers who stole a phone charger or two minced steak, employees “guilty” n have not destroyed two vouchers, major faults in the eyes of the powerful, who sometimes become mortal sins.

This world is a disaster, the film never is, which shows people, saying nothing, resist and turn away the knife which is placed under their throat. To say life as it is, there is the cinema, then this cinema even more than the other, when a Brizé, a Lindon, unforgettable unknown it by force. After the presentation of the film at Cannes, more than a festival asserted itself willing to bet a little note on an acting award to Vincent Lindon. It would not be an injustice.

“The Market Act”, Stéphane Brizé, with Vincent Lindon (1:33). At Cannes in competition, in theaters on May 19

Pascal Mérigeau -. Special envoy “l” Obs “in Cannes


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