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“Irrational Man,” Woody Allen: could do better – The Obs

The Cannes Festival and Woody Allen have at least one thing in common: they are back every year. They also meet regularly, but their relationship remains platonic, the rule laid down by filmmaker is that his films are still presented out of competition. That’s at least one question that does not embarrass the jury is fine.

Two years after dispatched Cate Blanchett in San Francisco for “Blue Jasmine”, Woody Allen sends Joaquin Phoenix on East Coast, Newport, Providence, is less known destinations laughing. Only the philosophy teacher interprets the actor is not too tired, frantic seducer who through a difficult: to put it more clearly, Abe Lucas no longer believes in anything and, sexually, it is the impasse. For a man who has a reputation for sleeping with his students, it is even more boring than anyone, probably.

The good will are not lacking around him, incarnating to begin in the Rita Brown, a colleague whose evil tongues say she has typed almost everyone, before the blonde Jill Pollard, particularly gifted student, enters the dance in turn, neglecting the same shot his little fiance. For it begins to fully enjoy life, you would have to Abe complete an extraordinary act (and between ourselves, highly condemnable), those whose Woody Allen for some years at least made his honey.

The trailer (VO):

Contract filled

“Irrational Man” is also in the picture of his previous films: excellent if reported average production today, disappointing if compared to the greatest successes of its author. No doubt, Woody Allen knows how to do, it packs a plot in a jiffy, imposes his characters in two replicas and an exchange of glances, ridiculous edge with art, and the loop while just over 90 minutes. Mission accomplished, then. Yes, but him, we dare wait longer.

For a good ten years, the invention and the pleasure of playing with the viewer have been replaced by a form of casualness, certainly not unpleasant but eventually tired. So yes, the plot is clever and the characters are endearing (moderately, anyway). So, yes, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​fine, and partners too, Emma Stone and Parker Posey in mind. Indeed, one does not get bored, and it’s already a lot.

But at times we seem to hear the voice of Woody Allen utter this phrase for years, it is almost swear, do it had never occurred, the sentence that says “it will be fine like that.” No doubt it will go, but Woody Allen is expected a little more, that’s it.

Pascal Mérigeau


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