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Solidays in the subway! – Please MusiK

musicians Metreo-solidays

Tuesday, 19/05/2015 – 12:00 – Sation Miromesnil:

 soliodays 2

For two of castes groups: c ‘ is a direct ticket to the scene “talent” on 27 June. But we have not seen any group, those who participated in this event were special, they are: musicians subway

RATP . Indeed accredits 500 groups, who are considered “subway musicians”, all accompanied daily users say their movements. It must indeed be allowed to play along the network, groups are even interviewed before being recognized subway musicians. Casting Solidays is an initiative was taken in partnership with the RATP, which for the occasion ready Miromesnil

The program on Tuesday. Musical lunch break. From 12:00 to 14:00 followed one another 5 courses, five groups styles, pre-selected by the RATP and Solidays:

– Phanttom & amp; The Ravendove (Rock)

– Vanupié (Pop-Soul)

– Lidiop (Reggae-Soul / Afro)

– Devon Graves (Folk )

-. Arcadian (Pop)

They are produced under the gaze of the jury of professionals and chaired by Shakaponk that selected groups who have the privilege to play for the Solidays


Time for a song or two, to follow a group or just scrounge together a few notes in passing: solidarity is also that. Atmosphere: sharing and generosity. The public has responded, the smiles. . Lips turning a subway connection, and even a little improvisation program
After deliberation the jury selected Vanupié and Lidiop that ‘therefore find June 27 pending the festival to be held from June 26 to 28 at the Longchamp racecourse.


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