Thursday, January 1, 2015

Legion of Honor: Piketty did not know he was going to be promoted – Liberation

“I refuse” to the tune of “J’accuse”. On Thursday, the French economist Thomas Piketty, columnist for release , whose The Capital twenty-first century has sold 1.5 million copies, winning in many countries as a reference book on the growing inequality process – that our Minister of Public Accounts was finally read during the winter break – has told AFP “refuse [his] appointment” as a knight in the last class of the Legion of Honour, unveiled a few hours earlier.

“I do not think it is the role of government to decide who is honorable “, denounced Piketty, paraphrasing Edmond Maire, before inviting the executive to ” devote himself to reviving growth in France and Europe. “ Way to ridicule key Old Regime this vintage gratification which mingles annually legitimacy and incongruity, all at the discretion of a republican monarchy notabilisée. Contact by release , the person said to us from abroad that he knew nothing of the project of decorating the “Otherwise I would have said no right away!”

Before him, Marcel Ayme, Jacques Tardi …

In 1949, Marcel Ayme, sensed, had said in advance otherwise the President Vincent Auriol, famous reply: ” em> “In order not to have to come back, never to find myself in the case of having to refuse as adorable favors, which necessarily causes me great pain, I would ask that they voulussent well their Legion of Honour is the carrer in the train as well as their Elysian pleasures. “ Last year, the author of comic Jacques Tardi had also, past turn, on behalf of the “fierce attachment” to his “freedom of thought and creation” . Under Nicolas Sarkozy, former Minister Pierre Messmer, Henri Torre, had even refused indignantly that the proposal was made to him: “When you see that [Ziad] Takkiedine company and got it, I sorry but this is not my world. “

The Piketty refusal to let the powers that be hold a rosette in his buttonhole is not so surprising. The near-time socialist spheres, especially during the last presidential election, the economist, already recognized but not yet star, had argued for a tax reform with more progressive tax. But under the rule of the then budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac and without Hollande are finding fault, only a mini adjusting capital taxation on the labor painfully emerged. Far from the ambition of a few months earlier stands in TV shows by the candidate to the rose.

Therefore, the unofficial adviser, who also criticized the imbalance of supply policy initiated and too little demand support, became uncompromising prosecutor small sacrifices and major economic cowardice of the Dutch five years.

Among the 690 other personalities promoted, 570 knights, 95 officers, 19 Commanders, officers and five great grand cross. former resistant Jean-Louis Cremieux-Brilhac

A (re) read: [inquiry] “Piketty, the superstar States “

Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen


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