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Controversy after the Piketty economist refused the Legion … – Les Echos

+ VIDEO The decision of the economist to refuse the Legion of Honour continues to generate critical reactions in government. This is the form of his refusal more than his decision that goes wrong


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In announcing he refused the Legion of Honour, for which his appointment as Knight had been proposed by the Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Geneviève Fioraso, Thomas Piketty is now causing a controversy stirred government.

On France Info Stépahne Le Foll, spokesman of the government, tried to deny the controversy by saying that “it’s her choice. He tries to give some advice, that’s part of the debate. I’ll leave it at that, “


This does not have prevent scratching economist emphasizing the difference between a scientist “who has interesting ideas but a researcher who is in his office, making calculations, which has a responsibility and an intellectual approach and the policy that is confronted with the reality. ”

A thinly veiled reference to what Thomas Piketty, which, for its refusal felt that it was not a government “to decide who is honorable” and above said “they would do well to focus on reviving growth in France and Europe.

A refusal is not motivated by humility for Thierry Mandon

For its part, on BFM TV, the Secretary of State for State Reform and Simplification, Thierry Mandon, regretted the refusal of Thomas Piketty and criticized the economist on these ideas, particularly in terms of tax reform.

“This reform is so complicated, it is so comprehensive, it has such effects redistribution between the French that if we did, there would be a widespread protest,” said -t he said


“The Legion of Honour distinguished national merit, that is to say, those of you who have contributed their civilian or military action at the national merit (…) It is the role of government and the Republic of deciding those deserving, “said Thierry mandon.

Before estimating that in the end this refusal was not motivated by humility. “There are two reasons for refusal two generally”, analyzed Thierry Mandon “humility, because we consider that others have earned more” or “a political reason.” “Thomas Piketty, I do not think that’s the first reason,” he slipped.

“You can refuse without necessarily saying in a dispatch “

As for the Secretary of State for the Digital Axelle Lemaire criticized the decision on the shape of Thomas Piketty” The decision is his. Following is the way to do it. We may refuse without necessarily saying in an AFP dispatch a January 1, “she said on France Inter.

” Maybe it confuses the fact that a Legion of Honour is a reward for merit which is recognized by the nation and not a membership to an economic policy of a government. “

A” poor “decision, Elie Cohen

Outside the government, critics are also needed . And certainly the most virulent from another economist. On Europe 1, Elie Cohen who initially felt that his colleague had “earned this Legion of honor outstanding contributions to academic work and world famous so he shines the French colors around the world. This imposes special responsibilities “.

He then slammed the way the decoration was denied. “He could have refused on principle, but denied making a critique of government action, I found it mediocre.”


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