Sunday, January 4, 2015

Madonna dares compare to Nelson Mandela … and apologizes – BBC

To launch his new album, Rebel Heart, the singer of 56 years has orchestrated a provocative marketing campaign where she puts on the same footing as large figures International historical. The controversy was ignited immediately on the Net, and the diva had to make amends.

Where does it stop? In a series of photomontages published on his Instagram account Madonna did not hesitate to compare with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Lady Di and Marilyn Monroe or Jesus.

The controversy gained momentum when users discovered on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Star faces embezzlement, ranging from anti-apartheid hero of the struggle for civil rights icon the United States, through the English princess who died tragically, etc. These faces appeared strung with small black strings in exactly the same way as that of Madonna on the cover of his next album.

Soon the star was accused on social networks to dare to compare these iconic figures solely to promote his upcoming album, Rebel Heart (in French “rebel heart”). “It falls lower and lower on the scale of bad taste,” said a netizen. “You have nothing to do with Mandela, you’re an artist, but you’re not Mandela,” said another. Given the importance of the critics, the interpreter of Like a Virgin finally meet on Facebook: “I’m sorry, I do not compare myself to anyone. (…) I admire rebel hearts. It is neither a crime nor an insult or racism “

Then she also added.” I also did with Michael Jackson and Frida Kahlo and Marilyn Monroe. Am I saying that I take myself to them. I DONT NO. I say they are also rebellious hearts “, was still defended Madonna, referring to the title of his album.

At the age of 56, the Material Girl n ‘ceases to be controversial and chain polemics. Last December, the singer lamented the flight of a half-dozen songs on the Internet, which turned out to be “working copies” of his new album, Rebel Heart, even causing fever rising after stating that the hackers were “terrorists”.

After releasing six new songs, well before the release date of Rebel Heart, in March, pop diva seems to have wanted to take advantage orchestrating a deliberately provocative marketing campaign. The expected impact has exceeded acceptable limits, it seems. Madonna could she tripped over the black cords by wanting to showcase his heart rocker?


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