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Versailles: Vandalism at the castle –

By Vincent Spartianus published on | modified the

These acts are extremely rare but a strong importance, informed the management. The news was unveiled today at the AFP, but on Tuesday, the famous Versailles filed a complaint after the discovery of two bases of broken marble busts in the park Grand Trianon. According to a police source, we strongly suspect a malicious act.

The vandalism allegedly perpetrated on pedestals supporting “two marble busts of ancient inspiration, an unknown sculptor, and dated of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, “said a spokesman of Versailles, adding that these busts were under the covers to protect them from the cold. The busts in question were not damaged but “have nevertheless been transferred to our restoration workshops for further examination,” he added.

A very rare incident

With 10 million visitors a year, acts of vandalism are extremely rare in the Château de Versailles. Yet this is the track that is favored by investigators for damages of this magnitude. The investigation was turned over to the police of Versailles. Listed as a World Heritage Site, the area includes the Castle of Versailles, the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and gardens. The castle alone attracted 7.5 million tourists in 2013.

Vandalism liable to a heavy fine

Facts that are liable to a heavy fine or even months in prison and one year after arriving degradation painting by Eugène Delacroix “Liberty Leading the People” where a woman had written “AE911″. The inscription had been removed, but the young woman aged 28 had been in a mental hospital.

In Ireland, a man was sentenced to five years in prison for giving a shot fist in a Monet painting

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