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The Legion of Honour Modiano and Tirole, but refuses Piketty – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The two French Nobel in 2014, the writer Patrick Modiano and economist Jean Tirole, the MSF nurse who contracted Ebola and Mimie Mathy listed in promoting the Legion of honor of the New Year, as Thomas Piketty who refused this honor.

The French economist, known worldwide for his book “Capital in the XXI century”, which sold 1.5 million copies , explained that “refusal (has) this appointment” because he “does not think it is the role of government to decide who is honorable.” And urged the government to “devote himself to reviving growth in France and Europe.”

Like him, many personalities have refused the Legion of Honour in 2013 as the designer of comic Jacques Tardi, Abbé Pierre in 1992 and Louis Aragon, Albert Camus, Claude Monet, Hector Berlioz, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. The Legion of Honour is indeed assigned without the interested party’s claims. To refuse, he simply did not make it to the awarding ceremony.

The Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Genevieve Fioraso, who had proposed the name Thomas Piketty for the Legion of Honour, has “taken note” of his refusal, but praised the “excellence” of his work. As for the Chancellor of the Order, General Jean-Louis Georgelin, he expressed his “regret” but found that it was just an “episode” in the two centuries of the Order .

Civil promoting January 1 has 691 decorated with 571 knights, 95 officers, 19 commanders, five great officers. And only one Grand Cross, resistant and historian Jean-Louis Cremieux said Cremieux-Brilhac.

Among the decorated voluntary French nurse Doctors Without Borders, 29, selected “exceptionally “since a young age did not allow him to fulfill the criterion of minimum twenty years of activity required to be named Knight, explained the Grand Chancellery.

Contaminated during a mission in Liberia and the repatriated September 19 in France, the young woman had been treated with experimental treatments and cured early October

Several French who obtained international awards are also on the list. Patrick Modiano, 2014 Nobel literature is promoted to officer, as Jean Tirole, 2014 Nobel Laureate in Economics Artur Avila, winner of the 2014 Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics, was knighted there yet exceptionally since it has only Franco-Brazilian 35.

In the field of culture and communication, soprano Mady Mesplé is raised to the dignity of Grand Officer. Same for the businessman Pierre Bergé, President of the World supervisory board.

The director Nina Companeez, journalist Robert Namias and psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva writer commanders are promoted. Jack Lang, current president of the Arab World Institute and Bernard Murat, theater director Edward VII become officers.

The actress Mimie Mathy, famous for the TV series “Josephine, Guardian Angel” is Knight named, just as Christopher singer, guitarist Chico Bouchikhin founder of the Gipsy Kings group director Tony Gatlif and novelist Agnès Desarthe. Director Jean Becker was promoted to officer

-. The American graffiti artist JonOne –

The American graffiti artist JonOne, who lives in France, is also distinguished as a foreigner residing France.

In the economic field, Henri Proglio, the government had not renewed this fall as CEO of EDF, but will take the presidency of defense electronics group Thales is promoted to commander. Same promotion for the French-Lebanese entrepreneur Jacques Saade who heads the CMA CGM shipping giant.

Frédéric Saint-Geours, the former president of the IAJ (Union of Industries and Trades metallurgy) who took mid-December as interim president of the SNCF supervisory board, was promoted to officer.

Jean-Paul Claverie, director of LVMH, is also becoming an officer.

Side teaching and research, the physicist Claudine Hermann is elevated to the dignity of Grand Officer. The Egyptologist Christiane Ziegler was promoted to commander.

In the world of health, Alain Mérieux, president of the Fondation Mérieux, is elevated to the rank of Grand Officer. Boris Cyrulnik, psychiatrist, became an officer. Nurse at the Institut Curie, Isabelle Fromantin named knight.

Among the policies, the former Senate President Christian Poncelet, was appointed officer. Dominique Bertinotti, former Minister for Family Ayrault government is appointed knight.

For sport, Béatrice Hess, Vice President of the French Federation wheelchair becomes commander. Vincent Lavenu, sports director and former racing cyclist, was knighted and former rugby player Jean-Claude Skrela.

In 2014, 1,926 people were distinguished as civilians and 965 military title.

Since 2007, civilian promotions apply the gender balance.


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