Monday, January 5, 2015

“Thank you for this time” will be made into a film – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – “Thank you for the moment,” the book in which Valerie Trierweiler recounts his love affair with Francois Hollande until failure, will be made into a film, announced Monday at the Gala magazine the actress and producer Saida Jawad, ensuring “not to prepare a controversial film.”

“With thanks for this moment, Valerie embodies the struggle of a woman who shouts his truth (…) Rosemary movies my production company, in agreement with Valerie, is developing the film adaptation of the bestseller and is considering co-productions with French and international companies, “said Dr. Jawad.

” Thank you for this moment ” , a major bestseller in 2014, also published abroad, was shot at more than 730,000 copies. On Monday, the book was still in the top three best sellers of testing.

“It will be fictionalized biopic and I would like the main character tells his story to a confidante, to better understand this . political universe, and the woman I guarantee that one will discover new things, “promises Saida Jawad

Valerie Trierweiler will have a say in the film adaptation.” I sincerely believe that it can bring me a lot, “added the producer who recently separated from her partner for eleven years, the actor Gérard Jugnot.

” I did not prepare a controversial film, I just want telling the struggle of a woman in love, even if the story is exceptional because the beloved man is president. The theme itself remains universal, “insists Saida Jawad.

” We met (Note: Valérie Trierweiler), there are three years during the primary campaign I then supported Hollande during the presidential campaign.. Since indeed with Valerie, we are inseparable (…) I love women. His sincerity, integrity, strength and sensitivity, “said Ms. Jawad otherwise.


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