Harley Quinn, super anti-heroine of “Suicide Squad” – 2015 Warner Bros

Released Wednesday in French cinemas, Suicide Squad conducted with 307,000 entries on the first day, the best start to the year for a superhero film, yet before the most iconic and best known
 Batman VS Superman but Captain America: Civil War , Apocalypse X-Men and Deadpool . Mission accomplished for the Warner studio and DC Comics editor? For the moment. In part.

Because on the eve of its release in the US, the new film from “DC Extended Universe” passionate less fans and crowds for its financial and possible projections records at the box office by the murderous critics that harvest and chaotic production he has known and details the Hollywood Reporter : a script written in six weeks, the existence of two assemblies, a studio in panic, a private author of his vision …

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History repeats

“This is not the first time that blockbuster escapes his director, he is ousted from the editing room or the studio is the reappropriates “says Philippe Guedj, specialized journalist and co-author of two documentaries on Marvel ( Marvel Renaissance and Marvel Universe ). They are legion even in the history of cinema: Brazil Terry Gilliam Heaven’s Gate Michael Cimino, Gangs of New York Martin Scorsese, the Thirteenth Warrior John McTiernan …

But the trend is accentuated by Philippe Guedj: “I feel alive with Suicide Squad what happened last summer to reboot Fantastic 4 : an inexperienced filmmaker propelled to the head of a budget of 150 million, a deadline impossible keep a very nervous studio … ”
 The director Josh Trank had even cracked a tweet, before erasing to avoid the trial: “There’s a year I had a fantastic version of the film and she would have had excellent reviews. But you’ll never see. This is the sad reality. “The other reality is that the more experienced authors, the big names, agree not to rub the franchises, with their untenable delay, the pressure of the studio and the lack of freedom. As for the new generation, it is (still) the absolute rewards.

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“Hyper franchising”

“For ten years, Hollywood is rife with a “hyper franchising,” said the journalist pop culture. This goes back to the creation of Marvel Studios, its acquisition by Disney, the acquisition of Lucasfilm and Star Wars. In a ripple effect, everyone wanted his candor, his connected universe. “Starting with Warner / DC who, at the exit of the trilogy The Dark Knight , decides she has to catch up on the Avengers Disney / Marvel began assembling in 2008 with Iron Man . This is Man of Steel in 2013 and especially Batman V Superman that appears first as the match of the century, before becoming, with the addition of sub- title the dawn of justice , a true-false ensemble film superhero, a huge trailer for the future justice League .

If Warner has no time, he hopes to capitalize on the darkness of the DC universe, like Batman and Christopher Nolan in contrast to super-jokers Marvel. But the critical reception of Batman V Superman has the effect of a cold shower. The film is a success (
 hear it profitable), but it damaged the “brand” and the president of Warner, Kevin Tsujihara, t st furious as reported in The Hollywood Reporter . Change of strategy, like the promotion of Suicide Squad , which, as demonstrated Slate , pass an anti-hero dark movie to film pop brats, and such a dark logo on a colored logo

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“Disney, Warner, Fox Studios … Hollywood now have two imperatives, two arbitrations, concedes Philippe Guedj. On one hand, the accounting result, the listed company, and the other, the image of “brand”, not to annihilate the fan base and to ensure good sales in derivatives. But from this point of view, Disney made a faultless with Marvel, beyond the quality more or less good productions. “But the giant is no stranger to the Warner practices, nor immune to dent one of its landmarks.

So One Rogue , the first spin-off of Star Wars , is currently experiencing
 eventful scenes, with new scenes not filmed by the official director, Gareth Edwards ( Godzilla ), but by Tony Gilroy (the Bourne saga), called to the rescue by the studio. It does remind you of anything? There are not so long, in a galaxy not so far away …