Saturday, August 6, 2016

Discover the video “Rise” by Katy Perry, the anthem of the Olympics to the US (VIDEO) – TV

Forget the pop tart that made the success Katy Perry . The star sign combative piece, which advocates self-transcendence and a will of steel to excel at all costs. And because the song is the anthem of the string NBC for the retransmission of the Olympics in the United States

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After unveiling a teaser of the song “Rise” in July Queen of Twitter has shared with fans the clip of the piece just before kick sending the competition in the mythical Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro

& gt;. & gt; & gt; Katy Perry reveals the anthem of the 2016 Olympic Games

In the video you can see the star dressed in paratrooper lost in the desert or in the sea. But, facing the heat and the exhaustion, it will find the necessary physical resources and above all the mind to go ever higher, ever longer, louder! A beautiful message to all athletes that are competing this Saturday 6 August and win the Rio Olympics .

Katy Perry had also explained the meaning of “rise” in a statement, referring to recent attacks by Daech : “I know we can rise beyond fear, in our country and around the world. I could not think of a better example than the Olympic athletes gathered in Rio with their strength and courage, to remind us how we can all get together with the resolution to be the best. “

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