Saturday, August 6, 2016

Taylor Swift Katy Perry mocks and photos of naked Orlando Bloom –

The nudity is not a problem for Kim Kardashian, we can not count the times the bimbo unveiled his body as on social networks in some photoshoot. And besides, Kim Kardashian teases a future selfie naked! For sure like it to Taylor Swift who is now his enemy No. 1 since she melee clash with Kanye West by unveiling the phone conversation the two artists about Famous. There are some days, pictures of Orlando Bloom were unveiled on social networks, to the delight of fans of the boyfriend of Katy Perry. Released by the New York Daily News, including the actor discovered there completely naked in the process of trying to Paddleboard with interpreter “Rise” . Katy Perry seems unfazed and not at all shocked by the conduct of Orlando Bloom. Anyway, Taylor Swift had fun situation!

If naked pictures of Orlando Bloom made the buzz on social networks and in the press, Taylor Swift seems to have a good laugh at the situation in which find themselves Katy Perry and her new boyfriend ! “Taylor thinks it’s funny and she loves that Katy Perry had to face this new distraction with the pictures of Orlando Bloom naked online. Taylor would never be taken in this situation and Tom either. But she likes that Katy had to deal with that because it’s embarrassing “, confessed to a source HollywoodLife. Taylor Swift avenged a little Katy Perry? During his break with Calvin Harris, who plays “I Kissed A Girl” had interfered in their clash, nonchalantly. The couple is now facing an embarrassing situation, but this does not seem to displease Katy Perry: “Katy was very supportive and understanding in relation to his frustration and anger (…) It was a soothing voice in his ear to deal with this embarrassing situation (…) love it when Katy Orlando shows her naked body. she’s not embarrassed to see him get naked. it is rather an important point for her (. ..) she thinks Orlando is by far the hottest guy with whom she has ever been and more confident, not only about his body, but also about himself in general “. Touched cast for Taylor Swift who thought perhaps achieve Katy Perry … Certainly, the stars are hot this year! After Orlando Bloom was caught naked in photo, it is the turn of Justin Bieber who is also exposed on photos with his new girlfriend as possible, Sahara Ray. Cool or uncool Taylor Swift?


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