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All we learned about Spider-Man: Homecoming at Comic-Con 2016 – Premiere.fr

Currently shooting, the Spider-Man team: Homecoming rose at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend to present some images of the film, even if they don ‘ have not yet been officially released by Marvel and Sony, which co-finance this blockbuster. The director Jon Watts , who plays Peter Parker Tom Holland and his friends / enemies High School Zendaya , Laura Harrier , Jacob Batalon and Tony Revolori must have some interesting revelations. Pending a first trailer, there’s something to wait fans Weaver

The first unpublished excerpts. High school scenes

As ‘said its director Jon Watts Spider-Man: Homecoming will focus primarily on campus spirit of the comics. After an introduction punctuated by the song “Bad Reputation” Joan Jett with major Marvel heroes, the first images of the film were unveiled with the school as the main framework.

D According to Geeks of Doom, the first single opens with the use of Peter time that happens to be in progress. Distracted by memories back to Civil War , it can correctly answer a math question asked by his teacher who feels compelled to take it apart. Peter finally come to its senses.

In the second video, Peter and his high school friend watching their comrades being beaten up by leading to the chagrin of a girl sitting near them that treats losers.

another gym class scene this time shows Peter surprising a group of cheerleaders playing the game “Fuck, Marry, Kill” which consists of a series of photos stars in which each asked if they would prefer to bed, marry or kill a particular personality. Here the stars are replaced by Marvel heroes. A cheerleader then reveals she would like to marry Spider-Man and had heard he was living in Queens.

Finally, Vulture ends up making its debut after a spider man show climbing the walls of a large building and jumping over a moving truck.

Michael Keaton in the role of vulture

It’s confirmed. The Vulture will indeed be the sworn enemy of Spider-Man in the adaptation of Jon Watts . Evidenced by the concept art (below) presented at the conference where we can see our hero high color face a winged figure with metal hooked legs. It was under the guise of Michael Keaton that the new villain will play havoc with the troubled high school life of Peter Parker. After Birdman , Keaton will endorse for the second time the costume of a mutant volatile:

Michael Keaton  in the role of the Vulture

When Spider-Man replays Breakfast Club

The cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming was inspired by John Hughes the shooting of Comic-Con 2016. to ensure the promotion of the film while it defines the tone, the entire cast had fun to take the same posture as the actors Breakfast Club the cult teen movie of a generation and inspired the following ( American Pie , Superbad …) time of a photograph published by Entertainment Weekly (present at conference) taking the poster of the 1985 film a beautiful way to introduce new players to the franchise “We constantly refer to Breakfast Club to talk about ourselves,” said Laura Harrier Liz’s interpreter when speaking of his relationship with the other players.

When  Spider-Man replays Breakfast Club

director Jon Watts meanwhile confirmed the roles of each Zendaya will play Michelle, Jacob Batalon will be Ned and Tony Revolori ( the Grand Budapest Hotel ) will Flash Thompson , the bizuteur Peter: “I am being bullied at Peter and I do not know how it’s cool but once the decision I applaud Tom for his play “ says Revolori . The actor took the end of the Comic-Con to post this video via his Twitter account to thank the fans for attending the convention:

Spider-Man: Homecoming released July 12, 2017 on French screens.


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