Thursday, July 28, 2016

TICKET Archbishop Vingt-Trois, the sentence too – Le Dauphiné Libéré

Wednesday evening at Our Lady of Paris, it had to be a moment of communion and peace. And these days, they are rare. But that was probably asking too much.

The tribute to the martyred priest by barbarians near Rouen was to provide breathing in the suffocating atmosphere created by the attacks. For once, the politicians put their polemics on hold and joined hands rather than point fingers. strange scene, the ceremony ended even applause, which is much more reassuring than the boos. It was almost too good.

Amid a muscular but certainly shared homily, the Archbishop of Paris pronounced the sentence too, in the vein of those revive needlessly scars. Denouncing the “deviance of morals and their legalization,” Cardinal Vingt-Trois was to awaken the debate on marriage for all. An outdated argument that the country can do without; he has other fish to fry.

Difficult for the church, virulent opponent of gay marriage, pleading clumsiness. He did indeed not. It is limited to withdraw the disputed passage in his tweeter account. It’s thin but it’s something …

Some now even within the Church, Archbishop Vingt-Trois knock blame for misguided ceremony he presided. The archbishop as his detractors could finally turn the page and move on. In language that is theirs, it is called forgiveness.


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