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Justice League, Valerian, Walking Dead, Captain Marvel … Whether retain Comic-Con 2016? – Screenrush

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Justice League, Valerian, Walking Dead, Captain Marvel … Whether retain Comic-Con 2016?

By Brigitte Baronnet, Mathilde Degorce, Corentin Palanchini & amp; Maximilian Pierrette ▪ Monday, July 25, 2016 – 20h00

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You have not been following the news lately, and think you have all missed Comic-Con in San Diego? Here’s everything you had to choose between ads, photos and videos.

Justice League who arrives without warning to stunning images of Doctor Strange, via Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, American Gods, Captain Marvel and even Snowden, Comic-Con San Diego has once again been high in 2016. And if you missed out, do not panic, here is what to retain.

The Justice League ( almost) complete!

It is not the officially expected, but crossed fingers to invest the Hall H by surprise. In this regard, the Justice League did not disappoint, with a nice group photo and – above all – more than two minutes of footage showing Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Aquaman in action. It just lacked a superhero, not least

Justice League Trailer

The Walking Dead. Ezekiel will roar

This is October 23 (and 9 as previously announced) that will start the season 7 of the Walking Dead. And this is where we finally know who killed Negan because do not count on this trailer to get a clue about the best kept secret of the TV after health status of Jon Snow last year. To discover Ezekiel and his tiger in revancge, this is where it happens.

The Walking Dead Trailer

Valerian, the “dream project” of Luc Besson

in July 2017, twenty years after the Fifth element, Luc Besson found intergalactic space and the space opera with Valerian and thousand planets City, adapted from the cult comic Christin & amp; Mezieres. French filmmaker took advantage of Comic-Con (his first) to reveal to the American public and the world of Valerian Laureline (Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne) and the ambition of the project ($ 200 million budget and 2734 Plans including visual effects) through seven minutes promising images that have obviously regulars packed aisles of Hall H.

and here is Captain Marvel!

Oscar winner in February marvelisée in July: this is not saying the new fashionable but a summary of the year 2016 Brie Larson. After winning the precious golden statuette for his role in Room, the actress was officially presented as the interpreter of Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Interview

== & gt. And fans already seem eager to see in action

Luke Cage rocks the house

It was expected and did not fail to get noticed: with its middle already, but the teaser of his series on Netflix expected on 30 September. And waiting to know what dangers lurk on the small screen, the Luke Cage starring Mike Colter shows us how to fold a car door with his bare hands. Do not repeat to you of course …

Marvel’s Luke Cage Teaser

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and the father of Star-Lord will …

As 99% of the fans sensed, Kurt Russell will play well the father of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which has offered a new logo as part of the Comic-Con. But who predicted it would CE character

== & gt; The film will have to answer a question of size

Dave Bautista Interview

Sherlock: The game is complicated …

Less than dashing to usually a little worried … Sherlock will probably have to face the biggest enigma that he was given to solve since the launch of the series on the BBC. But the trailer for Season 4 does not clearly reveals the nature of the threat, and no clarity on the return of you-know-who (no, not Voldemort.)

Sherlock Trailer

Iron Fist plot

No suit in sight, or even small high kick . If martial arts are the heart of the series, Netflix broadcast stream 2017, the surprised unveiled teaser aimed mainly at showing us the face of his hero Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, in which Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) lends his features. And make us understand that we should not him much to break a wall.

Iron Fist Teaser

Spider-Man confirms his enemy

The rumor was flying in the air as much as him, and it is now confirmed: Spider-Man will face Vautour played by Michael Keaton in the next installment of his adventures, expected in our theaters July 12, 2017

== & gt; An announcement in image. Or design

Tom Holland (II) Interview

Defenders Assemble!

The Avengers urban Netflix are coming! And while filming their adventures have not yet begun, a teaser was keen to introduce the mini-series The Defenders gathering Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist very beautiful way, and writing the word “DEFEND” through the respective logos of each of the superhero.

the Defenders Teaser

Daredevil pass the third

It is not really a surprise, since we already thought the formal affair. But no, Netflix took this Comic-Con for the good news: Daredevil will indeed have a season 3, in which Charlie Cox will take over the role of the blind judge, after taking part in Defenders

== & gt; But he’ll have to be patient before finding the hero

Wonder Woman Amazon badass

His appearance in Batman v Superman had suggested and the trailer of his adventure solo confirmed: the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot will be played by a real bad ass on the big screen. To finally allow the superhero to settle permanently in the cinema? Reply in June 2017.

Wonder Woman Trailer

A bit of Walking Dead in Black Panther

Like most other Marvel Studios movies mentioned, Black Panther entitled to his nouvea logo. But the main lesson of the panel regarding the cast, the actors were confirmed then joined by a newcomer

== & gt. It so happens superhero zombies

Michael B. Jordan Interview

Lego Batman & amp; Robin

And if he was the real star of Lego Batman – The Movie? With its large googly eyes, his costume “Reggae Man” he removed the pants and the voice of Michael Cera, Robin is the # 1 attraction of this new trailer, in which he is just perfect. It might already be time to consider a spin-off, right?

Lego Batman, The Trailer Movie

starts shooting Game of Thrones

While season 7 will be released later than usual and shorter than previous, team Game of Thrones does not take this report and this reduction for twiddling thumbs. Better video unveiled during Comic-Con said that the production, so the shooting, were being

Game of Thrones Making Of

lively Back to Harley Quinn

After giving birth in the animated series of the 90s, Bruce Timm will soon see Harley Quinn take life under the Margot Robbie traits in Suicide Squad. But then resume its inception in hand time an original animated film entitled Batman and Harley Quinn

== & gt. Two other projects are underway at Warner Bros. Animation

Teen Wolf is (almost) finished

If the series will return this autome on MTV, it will be a final round of track: Teen Wolf ends in effect in 2017, after his season 6 and the distribution of its hundredth (and thus last) episode. And these spectacular farewell ahead, according to the images revealed at San Diego.

Teen Wolf Trailer

Ghost Rider track road in Agents of SHIELD

Four years after his last appearance in the person of Nicolas Cage, Ghost Rider will make his return. But on television and in season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where it will be interpreted by Gabriel Luna (Matador). Before riding solo on Netflix or ABC

== & gt; What will be the hero of the name when it undercover?

What happened to Flash?

As you strive to correct the past, takes the risk of altering the future. And Barry Allen will quickly understand in season 3 of Flash TV adventures, inspired by comics “Flashpoint” , since it seems to have lost his powers if we are to believe this trailer, which presents the new hero of Central City.

Flash (2014) trailer

Snowden will offer a powerful new trailer

as amazing as it sounds in view of its subject, Snowden was one of the events of Comic-Con in San Diego, pending his release scheduled home on 2 November. Oliver Stone and even came with new images of this biopic worn by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Snowden Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow. From friend to foe


Because it is not easy to have to face one of his former allies, season 2 promises emotionally complicated for Legends of Tomorrow. While the Justice Society of America will lend a hand, time travelers will face the Legion of Doom made up of familiar faces

== & gt. One of which should cool

King Kong is all fart on Skull Island

It has repeatedly promised us the greatest of all King Kong, along with a “very different version of the other,” Skull Island and shows us images that this was not a way to lure the barge: in this prequel set during the Vietnam War, the beast will indeed be huge, which will not help the business of Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston

Kong. Skull Island trailer

Thor 3: Hulk fate weapons in Ragnarok

in addition to the new logo, unveiled as part of the panel devoted to films Marvel Studios, the spectators in Hall H were able to discover the armor Mark ‘Hulk’ will Ruffalo in Thor: Ragnarok, opposite Chris Hemsworth

== & gt;. Because the film will draw from a famous comic book

King Arthur and punks Knights of the Round Table

With Guy Ritchie at the controls this King Arthur could not be classic. And it does not take long for the trailer proves it, while Charlie Hunnam evokes a cross between Game of Thrones and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

King Arthur Trailer

Doctor Strange stunning

the impression left by the first images is therefore confirmed: Doctor Strange looks indeed stunning visually and very different plan of what was done at Marvel Studios before. We bet you’ll turn your head in any direction when the scenery in which Benedict Cumberbatch evolves will begin to move

Doctor Strange Trailer

American Gods: the trailer divine

Neil Gaiman + Bryan Fuller: this is the formula that Starz will attempt to make winning in 2017. Focused on a war between old and new gods, and with images as licked as those of Hannibal, which finds here the showrunner, American Gods has everything to be one of the events of next season.

American Gods trailer

Bates Motel soon close its doors

Launched in 2013, the prequel to Psycho will soon bow out since season 5 of Bates Motel will be the last. Expected in 2017, it will hang up the cars with the classic Hitchcock, and Rihanna will hold one of the iconic roles

== & gt. In addition to shower

Humans vs creatures in Fantastic Beasts

Before Harry Potter, so there was Fantastic Beasts. Or how Norbert dragonet (Eddie Redmayne) has traveled the world to write what would become the book that would follow the boy wizard with glasses through school. And lived a war between men and creatures

Fantastic Beasts Trailer

Legion. X-Men on small screen. Or almost …

Headed by Noah Hawley (Fargo) and driven by Dan Stevens, future Beast Disney, the Legion series, derived from X-Men, enjoyed the Comic-Con in San Diego flaunt his authority. And to think that all is intriguing is an understatement, pending the issuance of FX in 2017

Legion Trailer

Arrow. New team for new season

Among the dead and departures, Oliver Queen will have to form a new squad in season 5 of Arrow while a crime lord is determined to make his Star City playing field. and learning of these recruits looks for less delicate in view of these images.

Arrow trailer

Last chapter for Vampire Diaries

Bates Motel Teen Wolf , Vampire Diaries, same fight. Like the first two, the series of Julie Plec will also leave the small screen, and it will be at the end of the season 8, expected to October 21 on The CW.

== & gt; And we know the identity of the evil

Once Upon A Time: a blue dream in Season 6

This time,? this is good: Aladdin, Jasmine and Jafar appear in season 6 of Once Upon a Time, having strangely been left out so far. And as revealed in the scene of the opening season premiere , waited on ABC on September 25, the evil Vizier will be played by Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Resident Evil).

Once upon a Time video sample

Star Trek: the new series has a title

to celebrate 50 years of the series created by Gene Roddenberry, Bryan Fuller came with a gift: a teaser containing the title, logo and an outline of the vessel which is found in the next Star Trek show on small screen (on CBS in the United States and Netflix in France) in 2017.

Star Trek Teaser Discovery

Trolls way Simon & amp. Garfunkel

When Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick resume Simon & amp; Garfunkel, the time to extract necessarily musical and colorful, animated film Trolls, we imagine that it will end with hugs. But not

Trolls Video sample

Ash vs Evil Dead. Trailer we wanted to hide

Here is the video Comic-Con 2016 has not aired! The event was indeed banished this long trailer for season 2 of Ash Vs Evil Dead because considered too gory! eyes careful if you decide to click

Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer

Click, clack!! thank you … Marvel

Since Iron Man in 2008 Marvel has brought together a large number of players in its Cinematic Universe, and we proved it by going on stage who will be the focus of his upcoming films ( Brie Larson , formalized in Captain Marvel on the occasion, included) for a great family photo

== & gt. Can you recognize anyone?

Marvel Studios also took this panel to unveil the new logo that will accompany each of his feature films, and whose music is by Michael Giacchino, composer future Doctor Strange

Screenrush Zap Parodies

Next meeting: in Paris for the Comic-Con in October

Eliza Dushku trailer


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