Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The King at the White House – Les Echos

Memphis, 1970. In his immense kitsch property Graceland, Elvis Presley grumbles to multiple television screens that clog one of his shows. Infuriated by reports that tell the agitation against the Vietnam war and pacifism hairy hippies, Elvis decides to act to save his ailing country.

Heeding his patriotism, ” King “takes a trip to Washington to seek audience with President Nixon. Objective: to offer his services to defend, as an “autonomous FBI agent,” the values ​​of conservative America

Cover letter

. Elvis tumbles in the capital, rents a suite in a grand hotel, personally gave his letter to a sentry posted at the White House – the orderly, of course, can not believe – and awaits the response of Nixon

the latter’s advisers, whose popularity has plummeted, encourage the president to agree to meet with the idol. After much hesitation, Nixon, who cares rock in general and Elvis in particular, runs and hopes that this improbable meeting, immortalized by a photo, will help make it a little more attractive in the eyes of the average American .

true Story, movie zany

Scenario delusional, but true story! Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley have in fact met in the early 1970s, and Liza Johnson film take this argument to truss a crazy comedy, which is distinguished by its arrogance and its refusal to the spirit of seriousness.

A half crazy at the start of the 1970s, Elvis (Michael Shannon) is convinced of the merits of its mission and will do anything for “his” federal agent badge. No less crazy, Nixon (Kevin Spacey) knows what to do to extinguish the fire of protest and, moreover, knows that his daughter would never forgive him for refusing to engage with the “King”. Hence this meeting in the Oval Office, where the two “giants” realize that they share a lot: passion for firearms, guilty weakness for sweets and hatred of against-culture. In passing, Elvis Nixon recommends to closely monitor this dangerous revolutionary John Lennon … It should not complain in “Elvis & amp; Nixon “is not a political rant, but a singular and whimsical comedy. One of the most amazing movies of the summer.

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