Thursday, July 14, 2016

Marion Cotillard and the grandfather of Julie Gayet decorated with the Legion of Honour – Pure People

The 2016 promotion of July 14 of the National Legion of Honour Order was unveiled by the Official Gazette on Thursday. 654 people therein, including two Grand Cross, the highest award of the Order. One will be awarded to Gilbert Guillaume, former President of the International Court of Justice, and the other to Pierre Truche, first Honorary President of the Court of Cassation.

Created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honour is the highest of the French national honors. It now has about 93 000 members, broken down between several rows (knight, officer and commander, and two dignities, Grand Officer and Grand Cross) and between economic activities (28.6%), public service (26%) , health, social and humanitarian (13.1%), education and research (12.6%), communication and culture (7.7%), elected (6%), cults, sports and people working for veterans ( 6%).

Several personalities of culture and communications stand out in this list like the journalist Alain Duhamel, raised to the dignity of grand officer, operator and film distributor Karmitz promoted Commander, General delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, Thierry Fremaux, promoted to the rank of officer or of the former CEO of TF1 Nonce Paolini. The photographer Raymond Depardon, who signed the official portrait of the current president Francois Hollande, is also quoted and the rank of Knight.

Many actors and figures of French cinema along this list . Inevitably noticed (and remarkable), Marion Cotillard appears and will be appointed knight. What make proud Guillaume Canet and their son Marcel. The actor and director Xavier Beauvois is also knighted, as Sebastiao Salgado. The comedy actor Pierre Richard, Niels Arestrup and Ariane Ascaris are in turn made officers. As for Julie Gayet, it will be welcomed see the name of his grandfather Alain Gayet, to the rank of grand officer with five other companions of the Liberation.

We also find a jumble of historians (Annette Wieviorka and Jacques Julliard, both commanders promoted), chairman of the higher audiovisual Council (CSA) and former chief of staff to Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, Olivier Schrameck, who was promoted to Commander, the President of the Academy of Fine Arts Erik Desmazières, CEOs shovel (Antoine Gallimard, CEO of editions Gallimard, Pierre Mongin, CEO of Engie, former head of the RATP and former Dominique de cabinet Director de Villepin at the Matignon, or Frédéric Gervoson CEO Andros), but Laurent Castaing, General manager of STX France (shipyards of Saint-Nazaire) was knighted as Nicole Notat, the former head of the CFDT (1992-2002) and Yves Guillemot, . Ubisoft CEO

on the policy side, we meet former ministers, Anicet Le Pors (Commander), Claude Evin (officer) and François Loos (knight); political scientist Pascal Perrineau is the knighted. In this promotion are also the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, close to the Dalai Lama (knight) and criminologist Alain Bauer (Commander).


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