Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jean-Claude Van Damme loses his cool and rails against the Australian journalists –



Jean-Claude Van Damme in the next film by Samuel  Benchetrit - Relaxnews - AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS  GUILLOT

                                 Jean-Claude Van Damme in the next film by Samuel Benchetrit


it seems clear, however: in interview with JCVD, you better hold on and do not annoy the actor Full Contact or Street Fighter. And what is the common point between the Belgian actor and the land of kangaroos? Kylie Minogue, of course.

Asked by Channel 7 from Bangkok, an Australian TV, the star of action films obviously a bit lost his nerve. Quickly annoyed by the technical team of the chain, JCVD ​​has quickly taken to task Live: “I just … You guys are talking behind the camera You are in my field of vision I said.. so that people can understand. I live in talking to you and I have people behind the camera who discuss … Because I sweat and all that … I try to be as natural as possible when I’m in Australia. I just want to talk to the people there, “he said. This is what is called start on top speed.

But that was only the beginning. That is the inevitable question about Kylie Minogue, with whom he shared the Street Fighter, which was too much for Van Damme who unleashed the horses (and interview the same time): “Yes, I like Kylie, I love everybody. do I come to Australia to talk with you? Sorry guys, I can not do that … the questions, you ask me, the press asks me the for over 25 years. Kylie … on my workouts. I come here to Australia to try to do something different with the public. ” He was quick to excuse having to go “to the bathroom” before leaving, furious, blathering many insults before wondering “p **** n, but what is happening in Australia? “. It did not take the piss.


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