Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spider-Man Homecoming: war is declared Vautour – Le Figaro

Team following the adventures of spider man unveiled at Comic Con in new images, beginning with the villain played by Michael Keaton.

If the shooting Spider-Man Homecoming by step forward, the excitement around the signed feature Jon Watts already peaked.

The reason for this growing popularity? New information and pictures released by the film crew at the Comic Con which recently held in San Diego. Besides a trailer unveiled but unavailable, the presence of Michael Keaton in the feathers of the vulture, fierce enemy of Weaver, was confirmed.

We already know, Spider-Man Homecoming will return to the origins of spider man, played by the brilliant young Tom Holland. The latter was also shown very comfortable in his superhero costume, evidenced photos uncovered there over a month. “It is a film that takes place in high school. We will therefore learn more from what you mean by complete with puberty, “said Jon Watts before his audience in San Diego. Remarks relayed by the site Melty .

But the main sensation is none other than the confirmation of the Vulture, the terrible enemy of Spider-Man . A permanently assured presence after the film crew – and Tom Holland – unveiled a photograph showing the two characters in action.

If you had to be present in San Diego to revel the first trailer for the action movie. A video in which, according to Melty, is observed young Peter Parker go to school with his friend Flash Thompson. And fall in love with the beautiful Michelle, played by the actress Zendaya.

The film is expected in theaters July 12, 2017.


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