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Noémie Merlant, revealing “To all the winds of heaven”: Portrait of a young actress – Screenrush

Interview by The Editors ▪ Wednesday, July 27, 2016 – There is 1 minute

“An unforgettable adventure intense, difficult, confusing and magic..” Thus Noémie Merlant says “To all the winds of heaven” by Christophe Lioud. Back on the course, tastes and projects of an actress to follow.

How it all began?

I grew up in Rezé near Nantes. Small, I had a taste for art, expression, daydreaming, watching. I liked to tell, share and learn; singing, dancing, drawing, doing shows with my friends. However an actress never occurred to me, it seemed far away, another world. A distant and impossible dream I never revealed, not even to myself. After my degree, I decided to make a business school, forgetting some of my passions, to think instead about the future. Although I am not an artist family, my father said against all odds: “The studies, to be behind a desk, it serves no one was. life must try to do things that feed us, inspire us, we thrive. things that look like us and not to please others or do what we are told to do. So go, go to Paris and try these things “. This is where his advice, I registered the Cours Florent. He must feel that passion to play than I dared admit (I was rather reserved). Being a modest family, so I worked to pay me my lessons while modeling. As soon as I set foot on set I felt free and alive than ever. The issue arose again, I do this job, that’s where I feel good

Your first vivid memory of spectator?

Titanic when I was 9 years old. I discovered cinema, big emotions. I was upset. I already had a romantic side. For us it was rather the TV, so I must say that I found the movie quite late for my greatest happiness. I caught up with me and regale me since, like a child who discovers a huge playground My second memory. I found a different atmosphere, a different cinema, in a small room. it was mostly old films: Persona Bergman, A Special Day Scola, Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest Milos Forman … All strong memories that still live in me.

How does it feel to see the first screen?

The first time I saw myself on the screen, it ‘ Orphan was in plus minus an arm of Jacques Richard. I was proud, my dream come true. Especially my parents were there! At the same time, I was extremely embarrassed that all eyes rest on me. To finally tell me that it’s a character I play and my eyes must detach from all trivialities to land on the criticism of my game, my work and appreciate the film as a whole. Nothing more.

The orphan plus minus an arm Trailer

Do you have actor friends of your generation?

Alice Isaaz , Carolina Jurczak … We were over Florent together as others with whom I stayed in contact. There are mostly shootings friends: Naomi Amarger Stéphane Bak or Ahmed Drama I stayed very close. These are young people that I find very human, energetic and talented.

Are t he other comedians generations inspire you?

Many Romy Schneider, Sandrine Bonnaire, Kate Blanchette, Isabelle Adjani, Simone Signoret for women. And for men, Marlon Brando, Leonardo Dicaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Gérard Depardieu, Jean Gabin, Jean-Louis Trintignant …

Is any music can inspire you in your work?

Always and it changes according to the film, my state, and role. I listen often between takes, I can not live without it


The best advice you’ve received?

Frédéric Haddou, one of my professors at Florent, made me work a scene from Exhibit Europeans Howard Barker. I was very marked by this work, it made me look a sobriety and asked me not to do anything, just let the text reverberate. There was also Jean-Pierre Garnier, who kept saying, “be here now” and this sentence makes sense growing in me every day, both in life and in the game. Finally there is this book: Letters to a young poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. I draw from observation, curiosity. Observe others, but the world also observe ourselves, inside, in depth. Seek the truth, capture the essence, beauty, truth of what we feel, what we mean. This trade enriches me, I feel fulfillment in my work and as a woman. What job and so lucky to play in understanding each other, understanding ourselves and love

Go behind the camera for a feature film, a temptation

Yes a great temptation. I rented a camera and I had fun filming, to train myself. I also write. I try at least, we’ll see. This is another mode of expression that greatly inspires me.

Your last blow of heart cinema?

Mustang dazzling beauty and truth

What ‘ would you say about “to all the winds of heaven”?

An unforgettable adventure. Intense, difficult, confusing and magical. I hope it shows in the film. Although little means but much love, much to give on the part of all. This film resonated in me in the first reading the script. Claire, the character, echoed. It has, I think, many of us, our guts for this shoot, and after too. We decided to do a song for the film. Since the character (Claire) sings in a band, we embarked on writing and composing a song for her. Landscapes and emotions I hope will appeal to viewers. The themes: guilt, freedom. Knowing accept that often it is not our fault. And live, being “captain of his soul.”

The result, projects, upcoming movies?

Heaven waiting for Marie Castille Mention Schaar comes out on October 5th. Otherwise I just finished shooting Christophe Act Jacques Malaterre and I participated with great pleasure in shooting Diving Melanie Laurent. I like all kinds of movies and I want to try everything, so that the project made sense to me. But I would love to play in a beautiful love story, I hope it will happen!

“To all the winds of heaven,” now in cinemas

For all the winds of heaven trailer


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