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Deaths of Alan Vega, the underground icon – TF1

Henry Rollins, another flagship of punk in the United States, released the news by posting the statement of the family on its website. “ It is with great sadness and a stillness that only a new like this can cause, we regret to inform you that the great artist and the creative force, Alan Vega died “continues the family. It pays tribute to the spirit of pioneering and uncompromising Boruch.

Alan Vega was the essence of the artist at every conceivable level. His whole life was devoted to life that his vision commanded him to “ says the family of the artist who was also known as a sculptor and painter and of course vanguard. Let us remember all the Modern Art Museum of Lyon devoted a large exhibition – retrospective Infinite Mercy to his work in 2009. Vega has made early light sculptures with neon tubes.

In the late 50s, Vega had studied physics and art at Brooklyn College, with the Swiss surrealist Kurt Seligmann and abstract painter Ad Reinhardt radical. On leaving school in 1969, he joined the Art Workers Coalition, a group of radical artists, originally a very famous polemic with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, around a poster denouncing the Vietnam war. He was also a member of one of the first alternative art galleries and media in New York. At 33, he opened an art gallery in Manhattan and it performs happenings, which will make, among others, Blondie or the New York Dolls. He met keyboardist Martin Dev with whom he then formed the punk band Suicide, which musically bridge the Doors, The Cure and The Slits.

CANADA -  JANUARY 01: Photo of SUICIDE; Martin Rev & amp;  Alan Vega Posed at the Horseshoe (Photo by Peter  Noble / Redferns)

“Alan was not only incredibly creative, component music and continuing to paint until the last day, it was also absolutely unique. With Martin Rev, in the early 70′s, he formed the group two innovative that we have known as Suicide. Almost immediately, their music also crazy unclassifiable stood up against all the prevailing currents. Their electrifying performance, years before fledging punk, belong to the rock legend. To me, their self-titled debut album is undoubtedly one of the most crucial episodes of all American music. “HENRY ROLLINS

Born in Brooklyn, a borough of New York, in 1938, Alan Vega (Alan Bermowitz real name) Suicide founded in 1970, a duet which he was the singer and Martin Rev (aka Martin Reverby) held keypads. Upon first listen, the shock is total, Lynch before time, it’s futuristic rockabilly, of old and new alike, love oxymoron, somewhere between the rock of Elvis (Vega has never recovered from the appearance of Presley the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956, he was 18) and the beginnings of techno (Kraftwerk, tremble!).

The first album Suicide was released in 1977 and is considered one of the markers in the history of rock. He influenced countless bands of the New Wave of the 80s but also rockers like Bruce Springsteen, whose album Nebraska has been strongly inspired by Frankie Teardrop , a song 10 minutes recounting the murder of his wife and children by a worker. The basic and throbbing rhythm Rev keyboards on Suicide set the tone for several generations of electronic music. The very particular phrasing of Alan Vega has also inspired many singers and many filmmakers, Rainer is not it?

With Suicide, Alan Vega and Martin Rev invite us to discover what was tortured cache of dark, dark behind apparently playful music constantly threatened by gravity may be the guilt of happiness or the attraction of shadows. They announce all the darkness of the 80s and by extension the blackness of the United States of any latent melancholy.

Alan and Martin said he was inspired by a concert of the Stooges Iggy Pop in New York in 1969. The duo is credited with using the term punk to describe themselves. And the first posters of the duo that read the phrase which will then flourished and define an entire genre Punk Music . “ Until then the word did not exist. But it was just a way of being. We would never have imagined that there would be a punk , explained in an interview with Vega Igloo in 2008.

“Alan Vega belonged to the vein of the New York punk, like Lou Reed or Joey Ramone.”

the concerts were deliberately provocative and Vega which in its beginning took the stage with a motorcycle chain, was often covered by various objects: the “classic” rock concert like chairs and bottles but also a tomahawk thrown at him during a tour with the Clash . “ People came from the street to be entertained by our group and to forget their problems for a little while, but when they come to a concert of Suicide street on their balance in the figure and is sure it probably pissed everyone , “he acknowledged.

In 1980, Alan Vega sort Jukebox Baby , a rockabilly song solo and is a hit in France, where it will be a known time in his homeland. In France, still, decades later, he composed the soundtrack of the film Dark , Philippe Grandrieux.

Our star of the underground recently did a duet with singer Christopher, who is an absolute fan ( Tangerine to The remains of chaos ).

Alan Vega was in poor health since a stroke in 2012. Farewell and thank you for everything.


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