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“Pokemon Go” levels, objects, catch … The tricks to become the best trainer – RTL.fr


players of” Pokemon Go “in Italy

with Aymeric Parthonnaud

Since July 7, the Anglo-Saxon and small hustlers could hunt Pokémon through application Pokemon Go . Since July 24, the entire Apple or Android smartphone owners can easily join the movement by downloading this augmented reality game. You can play hard, skimming your city to find Pokémon in a haphazard but it might take you a considerable time. The arenas near you will be dominated by their trainers and high-level Pokémon and this could quickly become frustrating.

Here some tips to catch up , level up quickly, get Pokémon with high PC and heaps of objects.

Catch all the Pokémon you find

When we understand that the principle of Pokémon Go is to hand over 151 different Pokémon and are appearing for the tenth time a Rattata or Pidgey, it might be legitimate to say: “I have already, I’ll stop wasting my time with these duplicates.” Big mistake . Experience this rare commodity in Pokemon Go , is obtained only by playing catch. More capturing Pokémon and you will earn experience points . These experience points allow you to gain levels. From level 5 you can go to the arena fights and the higher your level will be high over your Pokémon will be strong (with specific special attacks and a high level of CP). Capture Duplicate is the only way to evolve your Pokémon. With the capture and transfer of duplicates you can earn “candy” need to make your small Pidgey a Pidgeotto brave or a majestic Pidgeot.

Give effect to your Pokéball

Always with a view to recover as much experience as you can perform various tricks (do not be afraid of words), when capturing Pokémon. You can be very specific and make a “nice shot” on the Pokéball falls on the center of the small concentric circle capture. The bigger the circle is small for your shot will be rewarded. The reward however is rather random in practice. Another technique can pick up a few points: a launch with effect . Just slightly rotate your finger on the Pokéball she will sparkle and throw slightly to the right. The ball will make a curve and voila!

Enjoy lures

“Lures” are small pink objects that serve as magnets to Pokémon. As soon as a lure is used on a PokéStop it will be surrounded by pink cherry blossoms. Run there to capture it many rare and powerful Pokémon. You can even maximize the effect by putting several lures on nearby Pokéstop or on your character using a “Incense” . All of these bonus items attract Pokémon. you can find them (but they are very rare), winning by leveling up or purchase them against some PokéPièces.

Monitor the Pokémon you are missing

you can use the built-radar application that lets you know which Pokémon are next to you. Three steps: one, two or three tracks according to the proximity of your prey. You can also use the collaborative maps or research tools such Pokévision.

Save your “Dust Star”

To evolve your Pokémon, it is necessary above all “recharge.” You can charge them until the arc over them is completely filled. More for refilling stronger they will be following their progress. Only problem that charging requires two scarce resources: the candy and stardust. At first, the temptation will be strong to change your first Pokémon low. Do nothing. Wait mounting levels (level 10 will be easily achieved), then you naturally will capture Pokémon with much higher PC in the wild. These are creatures here that will recharge and evolve.

Take bus

Finding Pokémon PokéStops and you have to walk. A lot. It’s the same Pokémon to hatch eggs. Some claim nearly 10 km of hiking. To go faster, a technique: take the bus, tram or a slow car (the passenger side of grace). These modes of transport must be slow enough to simulate a brisk walk. If you exceed 30 km / h, the application will no longer counts your steps. Same goes if you are in metro (underground, your GPS will not pick) or on a train or a plane (too fast).

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