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VIDEO – “The BFG,” “E.T.” … Steven Spielberg, director of childhood –

with Capucine Trollion

40 years Steven Spielberg speaks to all generations. And this summer, it makes no exceptions The BFG, out on July 20. Adapted from the novel by Roald Dahl, author of children’s novels, the BGG is the story of a unlikely friendship and touching between an orphan, Sophie and a vegetarian giant. A synopsis that is reminiscent ET, the Extraterrestrial and a fantastic universe close to Hook or the revenge of Captain Hook . Not to mention a similar dose of action with Adventure of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn . Steven Spielberg knows how to deal with children’s dreams.

And he proves it once again with the BGG, between London and the island of the Giants. These children guzzling, monster night terrors, like Sophie, the heroine. But this is not the case of the hero of Dahl / Spielberg . It prefers enjoy Snockombres, kind of unappetizing cucumber, and trembles before its big brothers that the martyrisent her because of its small size. With this story, Spielberg once again shows that he knows reversing childhood fears. As first seen in and where the hero of the space is not a formidable invader, but a creature big heart .

But Steven Spielberg knows reinterpret especially the figures of the early years. The evidence, for example, in 1992 with Hook: Revenge of Captain Hook , where we discover the life of Peter Pan after leaving Neverland. This art of reinterpretation and special effects are the director “magician” , as described Stéphane Boudsocq, journalist cinema RTL. So why not get back into his film great and small children for the output of BGG

1. “ET: the Extra-Terrestrial” 1982

In 1982, fear of “green men” is already present in the society. Long before the humor of Mars Attack , or the catastrophe of ‘Independence Day , Steven Spielberg makes a new story with “aliens”. The meeting, but especially the friendship between a young boy, Elliott, 10, and an alien. Far scare with her big round eyes and small size, E.T fascinated and moves. These two heroes in the margins of their universe, who must fight against adult mark the cinema of the 80s This is the birth of cult , with the scene of the bicycle in the air and the famous “ET Phone Home”. 34 years later, the passion is the same for this story.

2. “Hook or the revenge of Captain Hook” 1991

The Neverland and Peter Pan , everyone knows. But that’s when Steven Spielberg made strong by deciding to continue the history of Disney (which never did?), But film version with a “big” hero . Peter Pan has indeed become Peter Banning (Robin Williams), a brilliant business lawyer. He forget all about his life on the island. As adults who can forget their childhood dreams … This is not the case of the Captain Hook (the great Dustin Hoffman), nor the children of Peter dreaming of Neverland. While the famous villain removes one night, Peter has no other solutions: return to his island. He finds his childish universe with his adult vision Brilliant.

3. “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”, 2011

With this film, Steven Spielberg is tackling one of the great figures of the comic . Tintin won for generations on the boards of Hergé and cartoon. It is a big challenge for the director in deciding to adapt for the first time in cinema three of the most famous episodes of the saga: The Secret La Licorne , the Crab with the golden claws and Rackham’s Treasure Red . Result? Technical prowess on the big screen, more than adventure film with all the characters of comics in 3D. hit is the rendezvous and Spielberg once again proves he knows revisit heroes.

4. “The BFG”, 2016

It took patience 4 years before finding Steven Spielberg in a story on the big screen. With this story, the director brilliantly transcribed the essence of the novel by Roald Dahl: great , the terrifying, but also humor. A cocktail that will appeal all public . And although the brothers “criminaires” of BGG have names to thrill ( Bloodthirster or Chairfraîche Top Fuel), their stupidity makes them easily fun. The rest of the film is touching and funny, despite its two hours. But we almost forgive the director for taking his time to film with special effects, , the country of the Giants. One question remains: Does it take 4 years to see the next “childish” story Spielberg

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