Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The film “Salafis” will not be prohibited under 18. – The Point

The Justice annulled the prohibition under 18 years of controversial documentary Salafis , wanted by the Minister of Culture, a decision described as “victory” by the co-author of the film, François Margolin . “The decision of 27 January 2016 in which the Minister of Culture and Communication [Fleur Pellerin at the time, Ed] has issued an operating visa documentary film Salafis is canceled” as “this operating visa is accompanied by a ban on children under 18,” the Paris administrative court in a ruling Tuesday.

the ban those under 18 years of film was suspended in February by the administrative court, which had temporarily lowered the age of prohibition to 16 years pending the judgment on the merits. Filmed in Mali, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania, Salafis , which aims to show the jihadists “as is” according to its authors call on leaders of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the Salafi religious authorities.

the documentary is interspersed images of jihadist propaganda and videos, without voiceover or commentary, and shows very crudely the implementation of the Sharia daily. Upon his release in late January, only four rooms had screened the film against the 25 planned before the ban to minors. Co-director of the film with the Mauritanian journalist Lemine Ould Salem, the French François Margolin welcomed the decision as a “huge victory for the authors of this film together for the freedoms of expression, creation and information”.


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