Who will disappear from “The Walking Dead” at the hands of Lucille? Response October. – © AMC

While some are still not gone on vacation, others already awaiting the return impatiently for the return of the Walking Dead . Because since last April, a question remains: who will make the soul
 under the blows of the big Lucille Negan? Meanwhile on 23 October on AMC, a first trailer of madness, unveiled at the
 Comic Con in San Diego, provides an overview of what the series we reserve

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If this trailer mainly revolves around the mystery of the victim of Lucille (Glenn, as in BD?), these first images of season 7 of the Walking Dead provide some new elements coming intrigues. Our hero will initially hunker under the authority of Negan terrible, but probably will consider soon to overthrow the tyrant. But one of the main key information resides above all in the arrival of a long awaited character of comics: Ezekiel, his kingdom and his tiger. A character may bring spice to this post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies