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Valerian: Luc Besson finally has the “right tools” for the SF – Screenrush

A year before its release, and Valerian thousand planets City is one of the events of Comic Con 2016, where Luc Besson has unveiled the first images of the biggest production in the history of French cinema.

The only limit is the imagination

Luc Besson. I always admired Kubrick and Milos Forman, who are able to pass 2001 Barry Lyndon, and Flew over a cuckoo’s nest at Hair. It’s people like them who inspired me. And I always had at heart to spend Big Blue Nikita, Léon at Fifth Element and The Fifth Element to Joan of Arc. It motivates me to always discover something else. I love alternate, and back to SF is a breath of fresh air. The only limit in the genre is imagination.

With Valerian, I finally have the same tools as others.

At the time of the Fifth Element, the special effects were hell. I had to block my camera for six hours to make a plan. And just a year later, I turn Joan of Arc and I told the manager that I would achieve the scene where we see Orléans background handheld camera. And I replied “Go ahead, do it, we will manage in post-production.” I first said he was laughing at me, it seemed impossible. There has been a huge change with digital, and all that in nine months. Suddenly, everything became possible. With the fifth element, I really felt to perform the last science fiction movie “old school”, like I was the last film in black and white before switching to color. So I’ve always been a little frustrated not being able to make a film with the same tools as others. And there, with Valerian, I finally have the same tools, which allows me to 2734 visual effects, The Fifth Element where there were only 188 years.

It is time we tenders the art first.

The recent failures of big studios show that the cinema is not an exact science and it remains an artistic field. And it would be time given back art first. You achieve the best balance when the artist understands the financial and the financial includes the artist. Whenever one takes power on the other, it is doomed to failure. And I’ve always worked like that with my producer. For example, if I need a crane to turn such a plan, I can explain why and I expect people to understand me. Conversely, if I’m in excess, I expect that slows me

Behind the scenes of Valerian.

Valerian and the City of thousand planets Making of

Interview by Emmanuel Itier at Comic Con in San Diego, July 21, 2016


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