Monday, July 18, 2016

Emmy Awards 2016: the 13 forgotten appointments –

Everybody can not be named, and the Academy had to make choices. This is also the same principle of an awards ceremony. Except that in the list of series that will be shown to the Emmy Awards 2016, one can not help raise some difficult to understand absences.

Sheldon and Amy – The Big Bang Theory

From 2010 to 2014, Jim Parsons dominated the category of Best Actor in a comedy. And then last year, nothing. Only Mayim Bialik was appointed in 2015. And in 2016? Neither of the two. Emmy will be without Sheldon nor Amy, for the first time in 6 years. Only guest Christine Baranski and Laurie Metcalf save the honor of the most watched sitcom in America.

The Walking Dead

another popular card is the time it totally empty-handed. Being number 1 US audiences for three years does not always mean being recognized by his peers. Thumbs down for zombies is still severe: Season 6, exciting and shocking to perfection, would have clearly deserved a small appointment

Eva Green – Penny Dreadful!

the great Gothic Showtime series ended in spring on ultimate ultra-intense season. Without any chauvinism, it is surprising to see that Eva Green is still absent from the list, while the beautiful French was appointed in January at the Golden Globes.

Sense 8

Wachowski have bluffed their world with this highly original series, bold and ambitious. For the gesture and because sense8 vehicle beautiful values ​​that are good, we would have liked the Netflix series is the festival

Paul Giamatti -. Billions

great as always, American actor 50 years, appointed last year for his guest role in Inside Amy Schumer fills the screen in the skin of this unorthodox attorney who fight tirelessly against the excesses of the financial system. We would have liked to see him nominated for the Best Actor in a drama.

Orange is the New Black

It’s a little misunderstanding. The first two seasons of the series Netflix had raided nominations in 2014 and 2015. Season 3 (that aired last year and not season 4, released in June 2016, which will account for the Emmy 2017) clearly less packed the Academy. Only the casting director is nominated this year. Story to tell

Rachel Bloom -. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The comedy surprise of 2016 is curiously absent . When we know that Rachel Bloom won the Golden Globe for Best Actress at the last Golden Globes, one wonders why the Emmy decided to snub!

Mozart in the Jungle

Even punishment for Amazon comedy. Best Comedy Series and Best Actor (for Gael Garcia Bernal ) in January at the Golden Globes, the comedy is surprisingly absent from the nominations. To believe that the Academy Emmy is keen to differentiate from that of foreign journalists

David Tennant -. Jessica Jones

no super series in contention, it is not particularly surprising. But forget David Tennant , which magnified Jessica Jones with his charisma and look dangerous madman, it’s still super disappointing!

Shiri Appleby – Unreal

Okay Constance Zimmer (named for the price Best Supporting Actress in a drama) saves the furniture. But given the critical and public success of Unreal was expected still more. In particular for the excellent Shiri Appleby , sacrificed.


Three major appointments last January, the Golden Globes. And nothing the Emmys? How to explain that one of the most popular series of the year was snubbed? Why the beautiful Caitriona Balfe , acclaimed everywhere, is not in the list? Mystery …

The cast of The Leftovers

The great series of Damon Lindelof is one of the most intoxicating of the decade. Nearly every member of the main cast deserved appointment, Christopher Eccleston Justin Theroux through Carrie Coon . But the Emmy are clearly not of the same opinion.

You’re the Worst

The season 2 aired autumn 2015 was truly exhilarating. A marvel praised by all the critics. But this dark and offbeat comedy is incredibly missing appointments. We would still have seen (at least) Desmin Borges be cited among the best second male role!


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