Saturday, July 23, 2016

Munich: the gunman allegedly tried to attract his victims via Facebook – Le Figaro

VIDEO – On a Facebook account created under a false identity, David Ali Sonboly reportedly offered to users to go to McDonald’s commercial center which hosted the shooting by promising coupons . “A particularly insidious way to proceed,” said the Minister of Interior German.

This is one of the tracks on which the police work German. David Sonboly Ali, 18, had trapped his victims by creating a fake Facebook account. It would have been promised coupons to lure in the McDonald’s restaurant where the shooting took place.

“There’s probably been a hacked Facebook account,” said German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told a news conference in Berlin. This has encouraged the victims to come and enjoy “special offers or reductions” in the fast-food chain to the mall where took place the bloody shootout Friday night. “Some evidence suggests (the person who hacked the account) is the killer,” said the minister while the invitation to get into the fast food was fixed at 16 hours Friday. “A particularly insidious way to proceed,” said the minister.

The shooter would have fraudulently used photos of a young girl to create a new Facebook account. “Hi, my old account was closed after being hacked. Here is my new account, “wrote the user of this fake profile posing as a teenager. According to the German Weekly Focus , the latter would then posted several publicly posts the day of the shooting, “So, see you all 16 hours Meggi (nickname given to McDonald’s by youth , ed) close to OEZ (shopping mall, ed) “another renewed the invitation:” I offer you what you want but not too expensive. ” A post was even published the day, about 23 hours.

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Message posted on the supposed Facebook account hacked and relayed on social networks, shortly after the attack Munich.

Shortly after the shooting, screenshots of the Facebook posts were posted on social networks. The girl who is recognized picture was immediately evident on Twitter: “They stole my pictures. People, please, do not spread this tweet (showing messages associated with his name and picture, note) “asks the user aged 16. “It’s a fake account which resumed my photos. Please, delete the messages with my photos, “she implores. Contacted by several media, the girl refused to answer journalists’ questions at the request of his parents.

 Capturing  & # xe9; notch tweets girl d & # xe9,  declaring that his photos have & # xe9; t  & # xe9; xe9 flight & #; es and used  & # xe9 e Facebook account on another,  possibly cr & # xe9; & # xe9; by the  killer of Munich.

Screenshot tweets from the girl saying that her photos were stolen and used on another account Facebook, possibly created by the Munich killer.

at this point is not known whether the people who saw these Facebook posts went to the McDonald’s. If this procedure is proven, it would be proof that the shooter had planned his attack. David Ali Sonboly killed nine people and wounded sixteen others late Friday afternoon before abscond and commit suicide near the mall. Most of the dead are teenagers or young: three were aged 14, two aged 15, the other with 17, 19, 20 and 45

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