Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Case Jean-Marc Morandini: It will not be on Europe 1 in September … – Pure People

New blow to Jean-Marc Morandini. It will not be on the air for Europe 1 in September.

Following the scandal accusing him of having used his position to encourage young actors of his web series The falcons to undress and engage in unseemly attitudes, host of NRJ12 and Europe 1 decided to organize a statement to the press, Tuesday, July 19, to be explained. Thus, after accusing Marc-Olivier Fogiel of blackmailing, Matthew Delormeau to have contributed to his fall or going down the magazine The Inrocks , causing the “Morandinigate” with publication of overwhelming evidence, he thanked “ Arnaud Lagardère, Jean-Paul Baudecroux, Vincent Bolloré, Denis Olivennes, Fabien Namias, Maryam Salehi and all those and all those who [he] showed their confidence “. What suggest that his future at the radio station on Rue François 1er was not compromised.

However, following his statements, Le Parisien argued that JMM, which animates the morning section 9 am-12pm, would have seen its collaboration with Europe 1 suspended. Information that the radio station had not been able to confirm to our colleagues from puremédias s, ensuring that no decision had been made.

But it ‘ is now official, Jean-Marc Morandini will not be in Europe antenna 1 in September, where he has held since 2003. the news was announced by the CEO of Europe 1 and Chairman of Lagardère Active, Denis Olivennes, this Tuesday, July 26, 2016, by way of press release. Meanwhile it is Thomas Joubert (JMM substitute during his holidays) will be at the controls of Large Direct Media

The press release.

“True to the antenna 1 in Europe for 15 years with always excellent audience, Jean-Marc Morandini is now facing charges he strongly denies.

After John Mark made a complaint and that he is free of his remarks, firstly, to preserve the serenity of the back of the station, to secondly, we decided by mutual agreement that Jean-Marc was going to temporarily removing the antenna.

Jean Marc Morandini employee remains Europe 1 and it will accompany the station for producing the live Grand media which will be led in his absence by Thomas Joubert.

We will decide with Jean-Marc from the date of his return to the antenna. “

a statement that must have been very complicated to write for the legal services of Lagardère Active and that would have been maturely considered and negotiated …

It could not be otherwise, after the new ad this morning – confirming information BFMTV three complaints against Morandini will be filed tomorrow Wednesday in the first hour, said Mr. Vallat to AFP. Associations have also announced their intention to file a civil party: Innocence in Danger – whose purpose is the protection of children against all forms of sexual abuse and mistreatment – and the Voice of the Child, which had reported Tuesday, July 19, via a press release, “ some elements let think that minors were involved in the realization of the series the Falcons .”

now, the future of Jean-Marc Morandini on NRJ12 and iTELE, where he was sure the slice 18h-19h, is not yet known. However, the head of the morning in chief of the news channel has clearly given his views through his Twitter account: “ If a generalist radio takes such a decision, for reasons of credibility, news channel will follow, right? “And many journalists have said they refused to cooperate with the journalist of 50 years.


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