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We read Harry Potter and the Children cursed! – Point

We’ve been waiting since February (well, not for nine years). While the first part of the “prequel” Fantastic Beasts is preparing for release this fall, the British novelist JK Rowling announced the publication of the further adventures of Harry Potter , but as play. Furiously well guarded, history was held entirely secret until that night – despite the first sold-out performances of the play in London! But there it is, the stroke of midnight (23 am GMT), the text has crossed the barrier of e-readers. And whether to wait for October 14 for the French translation, here, in essence, fresh read that night, the outline of this “suite” of 800 pages in two volumes. Needless to say – we say anyway – that this article contains a lot of information about the plot. But not major spoiler so far (it is not sadistic.)

The adventures of the sorcerer’s apprentice former show, 19 years later, when the epilogue of the last book, the Deathly Hallows . Rowling sets the scene with a family portrait.

Act I, Scene I. We are in the electric atmosphere and crowded from London King’s Cross station. Two boys, side Muggle, pushing their carts to the baptism of the crossing of the famous wall that separates the platform 9 of the dock 10, the famous Platform 9 3/4. This is James Potter and Albus Severus Potter. Their mother, Ginny, follows closely followed by a man of thirty-seven, Harry, carrying the youngest on his shoulders, Lily.

It is well recognized sure the names of the founding figures. Harry Potter and the redheaded Ginny Weasley’s daughter, have named their children after the heroic father and mother sacrificed Harry (James and Lily), then substitute fathers, great wizards of Hogwarts School (Albus Dumbledore the wise manager, and Severus Snape, the potions ambiguous).

Rumor on the Hogwarts Express

it gears on arrival at Hogwarts two son Potter at school, like an echo, on arrival, at the time, Potter and his friends Ron and Hermione future. James, the founder, will go to the Gryffindor, while Albus, more worrier, will join to his dismay, the house formerly enemy of his father, that of Serpendard. Above all, we learn, from the Hogwarts Express, the last of the line of Malfoy, Scorpius, blond as an imaginary Aryan, would, supposedly, the hidden son of “He-Who-We-Do-Must Not Prononcer- Be-Named “Voldemort. Rumor … But this is twenty-two years that Harry Potter scar hurts, by his own admission. And if the rumor was true

From the adult side, precisely: Harry became an office worker messy at the Ministry of Magic who is scolded by Hermione Granger, brushed in the eternal order of paragon and rationalism. We find the emblematic Hagrid, Ron, Draco … We discover the torque life led in the privacy Harry and Ginny, their squabbles with their difficult teen Albus. Cut back to the death of Cedric Diggory, the handsome murdered by Death Eaters to set a trap for Potter to the end of Goblet of Fire.

Rumor in the corridors Hogwarts

The plot focuses quickly on another rumor, that of a “time turner.” A magical hourglass, like that which allowed Hermione to rewind time and relive the recent past by changing the action in The Prisoner of Azkaban . All time turners are supposed to have been destroyed; but not he remains hidden in the confines of the Ministry of Magic?

And it is not surprising to find that dream time down at Rowling.

Back in time, did not conquer death and oblivion …? The amateur novelist symbols resurrects his characters and plunges its intergenerational public in a cocktail that plays constantly on two registers. The first, with the new, as this new generation of children, allowing to stage new protagonists and new perspectives. The second builds on the familiarity of the adult world, stirring the old codes, the cult scenes, in a new form. A back and forth skillfully combined that should captivate young readers as surely as if we handed them a real chocolate-frog. But also shoe readers yesterday, necessarily nostalgic to catch up. Well played, J. K. Rowling


Albus. For you, this Saint. The most beautiful place on earth. I know. The poor orphan, harassed by his uncle and aunt Dursley …

Harry: Albus, please, is that we could not just …

Albus: Traumatized by his cousin Dudley, saved by Hogwarts. I know all that, Dad. . Blah blah

Harry: You will not have me on that ground, Albus Potter

Albus. The poor orphan came to save us all. As we are grateful for your heroism. Should we bow down or do you reverence

Harry: Albus, please, you know I’ve never demanded of gratitude. [...]

Albus: What did you expect? Let it fall into his arms. I tell you that I have always loved you. What? What?

Harry: [finally losing his cool] You know what? I’m tired of being responsible for your misfortune. At least you have a father. Because I do not. Okay

Albus? And you think it’s a shame

Harry: Would you rather me death

Albus: No! I just want you’re not my father

Harry.. Well, sometimes I would like you’re not my son

Harry Potter and the cursed child , JK Rowling, € 14.90 digital


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