Monday, July 25, 2016

Oliver Stone: Pokemon GB will lead us to totalitarianism – Le Figaro

VIDEO – At Comic Con in San Diego, in full promotion for Snowden which is inspired by the famous whistleblower, the filmmaker was concerned about the consequences of the game Nintendo video on the company.

Pikachu Nintendo’s mascot, is it actually the successor of Stalin? So says director Oliver Stone hired who expressed concern about the video game Pokemon Go and specifically all the personal data that Google engrangerait through the application.

“It game represents a new stage in the capitalist invasion of privacy “, denounced the filmmaker came to present his new film Snowden , dedicated to the famous whistleblower, at Comic Con 2016 San Diego the big convention dedicated to the Comics universe.

The director of the concerns can be understood. Using the Nintendo game involves giving complete access to your Google Account and thus your images, your online behavior and content of your emails … “The creators of this augmented reality game exploring the data for all the people in this room to know what you buy, what you like, and especially your behavior, “says Oliver Stone. The goal, of course, is to make commercial use of the private life of the players.

“Google is the company that has had the highest growth ever recorded, and they have invested huge amounts of money in what the surveillance is to say, data mining, “says the director of Platoon .

” you will see a new form of real robot company, where they will know how you behave. This is called totalitarianism “, says Oliver Stone. “This insidious organization reaches us all over the world until it manipulates our behavior and we begin to behave as she asks us,” says the filmmaker.

After the ” totalitarianism “American, he denounces Snowden , the director he will run a feature film devoted to the actions of capitalists terrible Pikachu?


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